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Detroit – a review

This is a difficult film to dismiss as a lumbering beast, uneven and fractured, or to praise as powerful and a fine work of art. Detroit runs for over one hundred and fifty minutes – it feels much longer if you … Continue reading

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Ghost Opponents

An odd tweet appeared on my timeline. There was something clunky, something unnatural about the sentence construction. I answered it warily. Back came a second lifeless response, both short staccato sentences. I did what I usually do before encouraging further dialogue, … Continue reading

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Wind River – a review

The jury must still be out on Jeremy Renner. He can throw himself off rooftops and onto shop awnings as many times as he likes for a television commercial, but he confused cinemagoers as the lead in The Bourne Legacy. He … Continue reading

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The Hassan Hustle

There’s an overwhelming feeling of deja vu watching professional miserabilists, flatulent unionists, reactionaries, and anti-democrats tell us what a gargantuan waste of time and money is Holyrood Parliament, Scotland’s platform of democracy, just as they did on its inception. Bigots should follow … Continue reading

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Car News: Fall and Rise of TVR

To be absolutely cautious and err on the safe side, this essay ought to be entitled the rise and fall, and probable rise again of TVR – maybe. If there is a better example than TVR of the strengths and weaknesses … Continue reading

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Monologues of Demagogues

Demagogues, there are so many overflowing with racial resentment you can pluck them out of the air – or any BBC chat show – pull the pin in their back and hear them cackle pre-recorded racist tosh. If you broke them … Continue reading

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Car News: Smart Vision

Your weekly guide to all that’s rotten about car ownership, plus some good bits When the Swatch Watch inventor Nicola Hayek took his design for a micro car to VW, had it rejected by VW, but persisted until Mercedes Benz … Continue reading

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