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The Big Yin

Billy Connolly is Scotland’s third most famous individual. That must irk him. That and knowing the other guy is a better actor if not as funny, and the other plays better tennis. Like many another gifted comic the autumn of his … Continue reading

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BBC be Damned

  How in can it be that a public body, a public funded body, society’s main means of communication, charged with impartiality in all its dealings, in all its news reporting, that must represent the culture of the nations it … Continue reading

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“Seanorry” is the affectionate nickname his family call Sean Connery, according to brother Neil, a sly reference to the Connery industry that follows in the wake of Scotland’s tough guy movie star. ‘King of Scotland’ is another given by supporters and adversaries … Continue reading

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More BBC Mind Control

  I caught part of a BBC 4 radio programme today, Sunday, while driving. Radio 4 used to be called “the Home Service,” though the BBC never explained home to what or to whom. Anyhow, the programme was entitled, Love … Continue reading

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The Shame of the Press

A humanity under attack The British press, their hacks and minions, are doing their level best to defame and demean Scotland by outrageous accusation and scurrilous association. Quite frankly, if I list the defamation published this week alone I’d feel … Continue reading

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Scotland No Mo-ar

  I can’t be the only person to experience a momentary frisson of disappointment every time a website registration form or booking form asks me to state which country I live in, and, opening their list of countries to scroll … Continue reading

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BBC Bias

  Much has been published and discussed about political bias in the British Broadcasting Corporation. Whatever government sits in Westminster it will, given time, turn its wrath upon the BBC particularly when its handling of the economy goes array. Mea … Continue reading

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