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The Big Yin

Billy Connolly is Scotland’s third most famous individual. That must irk him. That and knowing the other guy is a better actor if not as funny, and the other plays better tennis. Like many another gifted comic the autumn of his … Continue reading

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Shakespeare’s 450th

  This year marks the 450 anniversary of William Shakespeare’s birth. When I established Scotland’s theatre for actors, writers, music performers and technicians I bemoaned the dearth of writers skilled in creating work for talented young actors. The policy of … Continue reading

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BBC be Damned

  How in can it be that a public body, a public funded body, society’s main means of communication, charged with impartiality in all its dealings, in all its news reporting, that must represent the culture of the nations it … Continue reading

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“Seanorry” is the affectionate nickname his family call Sean Connery, according to brother Neil, a sly reference to the Connery industry that follows in the wake of Scotland’s tough guy movie star. ‘King of Scotland’ is another given by supporters and adversaries … Continue reading

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A Short Essay on Black Arts

Black propaganda The two photographs are of today’s English edition and Scottish edition of the right-wing tabloid newspaper the Daily Express. The English edition – along with a good many other British “nationals” – rings the alarm bells of a … Continue reading

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More BBC Mind Control

  I caught part of a BBC 4 radio programme today, Sunday, while driving. Radio 4 used to be called “the Home Service,” though the BBC never explained home to what or to whom. Anyhow, the programme was entitled, Love … Continue reading

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The Shame of the Press

A humanity under attack The British press, their hacks and minions, are doing their level best to defame and demean Scotland by outrageous accusation and scurrilous association. Quite frankly, if I list the defamation published this week alone I’d feel … Continue reading

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