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SNP and Loyalty

The SNP is wrestling with a fundamental crisis of its own making, a profound loss of trust by the public in its honesty and methods, a crisis that that has spilled over onto its ability to secure independence, the principle … Continue reading

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Dr James Niven

An occasional series on eminent Scots unjustly forgotten or ignored We are suffering one of humankind’s many pandemics, killing over two million souls, as I write, and as with those killed in past times, the majority the poorest in our … Continue reading

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Holyrood Inquiry

Rumours and counter-rumours are circulating that Alex Salmond is relucant to give verbal evidence to the Holyrood Inquiry committee investigating the profoundly flawed process that led to scurrilous allegations made against him, all thrown out in two court trials, both … Continue reading

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Salmond’s Submission To Inquiry

This 31 December 2020 submission from Alex Salmond to the Holyrood Inquiry, is published on the basis the members of the Committee have had it in their possession and read it by now, and it is in the public domain, … Continue reading

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Unfurling Murrell

[Peter Murrell resigned today, at noon, on Saturday 18th March, 2023.] When you are a movie producer, putting together a creative team, you choose the best available who fit the shooting schedule; the best cinematographer, composer, editor, set designer and … Continue reading

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Say It Loud and Clear

New Year’s Day began with a tweet from Nicola Sturgeon. For a long time I have felt the SNP should be called the General National Party because they rarely speak about independence in specific terms. On this occasion, her remark … Continue reading

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