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Rock Star Sturgeon

Scotland’s crap media service Without as much as a red face the BBC announced it was “troubled” by technical gremlins in its attempts to show Scotland how well Scotland’s First Minister was received by the Irish Government in her two-day … Continue reading

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Something For Nothing Society

This is about car ‘welfare’, the massive subsidies the UK government gives the automobile industry so we can buy that ideal car. ‘Privatisation’ means the opposite of a company able to stand on its own feet without government help. It means they … Continue reading

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Rowling le Monstre Sacré

How is it JK’s poorly written and conceived stories have grown into a worldwide industry? To begin with there is the average of five clichés a page and a plethora of ungrammatical sentences in her children’s tomes. Her prose style is plodding … Continue reading

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Losing the I-Pace Race

  Just as the loving embrace of Tories with Ukip combine to pull us out of European co-operation and friendship, Jaguar Cars announce their first all-electric vehicle, an into-the-21st-century SUV, a belated but significant revolution for British built cars. More … Continue reading

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Trump – Now What?

With power handed to both US chambers of Congress and the president Republican, what have the dis-United Kingdom Unionists got to say about Britain’s “special relationship” with an undesirable “one-party state?” If voting figures are to be believed, over forty million … Continue reading

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Arrival – a review

Having watched Amy Adams slow burn intensity in the thriller Nocturnal Animals it was odd to see her give almost the same performance in Arrival, her latest offering, a science fiction story this time. We get the same type of … Continue reading

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Nocturnal Animals – a review

This is one bleak, violent movie. And a superb psychological crime thriller. There is a sequence a few minutes past the opening titles of a family harassed by thugs on a lonely Texan desert road in the night. Writer and director Tom … Continue reading

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