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The British Unionist In Epitome

    A unionist will explore every possibility until only common sense is left.   Advertisements

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Dear J K Rowling

Dear J K Rowling I wish I didn’t feel compelled to write this open letter because you have done  so much to encourage children to return to the habit of reading books, and read them voraciously. You look almost beatific in … Continue reading

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Scotland and Happiness

I believe in the pursuit of happiness. I believe every individual has a right to happiness. When all the senses are engaged, excitement, risk, intellect, participation, happiness is a kind of intoxication. For most of us the essentials of happiness … Continue reading

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The South City Mob

 A COMPARISON BETWEEN MOB BOSS AL CAPONE AND FATS MACDEE Or “It’s nuttin’ poisonal, Scotland, it’s only bizzi-ness.” An exposé of two mob leaders sharing remarkable similarities. To distinguish Capone from MacDee, Capone has a large scar on his left … Continue reading

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