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SPECTRE – a review

  I begin with an admission. I am no fan of Daniel Craig’s interpretation. From his first foray into the character in Casino Royale it was clear he presented us with a one-dimensional psychotic killer and not much more. I cannot find … Continue reading

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The Charge of the Lite Brigade

  England, my England This week the assault on Scotland’s democracy returned with a vengeance. It brings to mind the charge of the Light Brigade, in intellectual weight, the Lite Brigade. The place is full of nonentities keen to do Scotland down … Continue reading

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Sicario – a Review

Emily Blunt, a rather ineffectual character as protagonist Let me begin with a personal negative. I did not believe Emily Blunt’s character for one minute, but not many who see the film will agree with me. I think it was … Continue reading

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The Usual Suspects

This has been a week in which the unelected ran amok, stomping on citizen’s rights, defaming, harassing, and helping to stoke up wars to keep us preoccupied or dead, preferably the latter. You can’t protest dead, and it eases the pressure … Continue reading

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The Martian – a Review

Matt Damon is forever getting rescued in his movie plots. Saving Private Ryan, Good Will Hunting, even the Bourne saga where he has to rescue himself. He is either trying to get home, or someone is engaged to get him … Continue reading

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