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Scotland’s Carpetbaggers

Professor Adam Tomkins – arguably an academic but no scholar Scotland has more than its fair share of carpetbaggers. They arrive every week looking for a ‘better life’. Call them economic migrants if you like. A list would stretch the capital’s Princes Street … Continue reading

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Still Angry

Angry Man One There are days I awake cursing those who voted against my country’s interests. Salmond’s penultimate pronouncement jumps to mind, “Don’t wake up on the 19th wondering what might have been”. And I get angry. I despise them. … Continue reading

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Referendum Day

  In Los Angeles making a telephone call on the 4th of July, Independence Day created  to commemorate the signing of the Declaration of Independence, I got an African-American operator on the line. I asked, “How come you’re on duty? … Continue reading

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The Corbyn Effect

  What are we to make of a politicians who thinks Scotland part of England? In speeches made in Aberdeen and Dundee, Corbyn thinks “It is the right of people to decide what they want to do but the last … Continue reading

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A Yank in the Bank

  Imagination immersed in a good film is, for me, the greatest relaxation, better than a walk in a beautiful garden, greater than a fine wine or whisky, beating sex hands down, or up. Before trading a lacklustre television job … Continue reading

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Of Tarts and Old Farts

Ooo lala! Brassiere entrepreneur and former model Ms Michelle Mone is created a peer of the Realm. How preposterous! It can only have been awarded for brazen self-promotion. She is the unelected baroness who called an elected politician “an SNP moron”. … Continue reading

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