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Their Finest – a review

A choice of two films this weekend both annoyingly and unimaginatively navel gazing. They are obsessed with the movie trade. One is British, one American. To irritate all the more they have a women as the central plucky talent trying to make … Continue reading

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England The Oil Thief

One of the most pernicious lies plied on Scotland by British nationalists is the one about Scotland being a poverty-stricken country, perpetually on the brink of bankruptcy, begging for hand-outs. Considering Scotland’s been ruled by Westminster almost 300 years yet apparently none the … Continue reading

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The Ineptitude of Theresa May

Unable to face Her Majesty’s opposition and like Erdogan of Turkey wants unlimited autocratic powers? Playing games with the constitution, or plain feckless? Donald Trump’s buffoonish reputation for changing his mind from one day to the next depending on who is … Continue reading

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The Handmaiden – a review

The Handmaiden is one hot, sizzling beautiful movie to look at and to listen to. You watch its most erotic scenes either wondering what sort of man is the director – it’s essentially a lesbian parable – or you accept there are … Continue reading

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The Hollywood Sting

  “If you’re going to Hollywood, go for fun … and get a bloody lawyer!” That’s wise advice from Sean Connery. You can be at the top of your fame and still get stiffed. Even he got cheated out of … Continue reading

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My Country to Govern

If a Scot anywhere says, give me my country to govern again, he is judged a fool, and everything is done to demean him and mock him. When an Englishman says he wants his country back to govern again, and shouts … Continue reading

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Ghost in the Shell – a review

In the world of graphic comics I never graduated beyond Batman. I’m happy with that. There’s great literature out there; adult comics are not a substitute for challenging novels or poetic literature, certainly not the bulk of science fiction comics. To me, … Continue reading

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