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Union Power

In the US Senator Bernie Sanders is categorised as a commie, a red, an extremist, or if being kind, a radical left-winger. Were he a British MP he would be called only a pink socialist, pink because his ideals are … Continue reading

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Knowledge Between Covers

Friday, the weekend beckons. Some quiet time reading is healthy once humdrum chores and duties attended. We recommend Professor Alfred Baird’s ‘DETERMINANTS OF SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE‘ as well as ESSAYS and ESSAYS 2 (sixteen 5-star reviews) by Grouse Beater- hey! That’s … Continue reading

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BBC’s Agents of the Right-Wing

When at the BBC, I recall vividly losing a discussion over stopping broadcasts that involved vox pop, the convention of asking members of the public to offer their opinion on a current news topic. This is accomplished by stopping people … Continue reading

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A Hike in the Borders

I thought it pleasant to talk of bucolic things for a change: the United Kingdom in chaos, Scotland trying hard to be Scotland and not North England, murder and death on the front page of every newspaper, the environment self-destructing … Continue reading

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Freeports – A Reply

This article, written by Scotland’s resident maritime specialist, Professor Alfred J. Baird, was commissioned in reply to the ‘Freeport Rip-Off essay published on this site recently – accessed by the link below. It should be added that the new trade … Continue reading

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The Freeport Rip-Off

The environmental activist George Monbiot has turned his guns on freeports, a subject our own home-grown specialist, Professor Alfred Baird, has lectured upon, and indeed warned us against adopting them as a lazy, ultimately counter-productive substitute for creating our own … Continue reading

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Sturgeon, In Her Own Words

This site has published three essays in support of Nicola Sturgeon’s work as first minister (one of which has not aged well) all of them in her first three years. The third essay following her to Dublin where she made … Continue reading

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The Hapless Lord Advocate

Hardly had a minute past publishing a new ‘Postcard of Wisdom‘ when I spotted ALBA MP Kenny MacAskill’s constituency website criticism of the toothless Lord Advocate, Dorothy Bain QC. She was appointed, one must add, by Nicola Sturgeon, a first … Continue reading

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The Claim of Right

In an intellectual exercise composing detail for a Scottish Constitution (ESSAYS, published 2021) I included mention of the Claim of Right (leaving out the monarchy for a separate discussion) a document which has always seemed to me prima lex, that … Continue reading

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The Great Berwick Bank Robbery

ALBA Depute Leader and MP for East Lothian, Kenny MacAskill, has exposed the scandal of the “Great Berwick Bank Robbery”. Speaking at the press meeting outside the UK Government Offices in Edinburgh, Kenny MacAskill said – at the foot of the article … Continue reading

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