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Car Maker Crimes

  Readers know I post occasional essays about cars, a habit based on a liking of veteran cars, a few classic ones, and an enjoyable hobby writing for auto magazines. (My avatar is the clue.) No surprise that I focus attention … Continue reading

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One Year On

Scotland is the only nation paralysed at the thought of full democracy. A heavy melancholy swamped the cold cobbled dawn on the Friday we failed to accept the gift of liberty. The silence was palpable. Streets were empty of bustle … Continue reading

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We Are Better Than Them

  Dirty Wars Other than calling it a dirty war, is there another way of describing the policy of sending in armed drones to ‘eliminate’ suspected enemies of the state, killer drones that inadvertently slaughter innocents in the process? Do not be … Continue reading

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Belladonna is Back

  Belladonna is back, the Belladona of black print. In Italian it means a beautiful lady; in English a deadly poison. Rupert Murdoch has seeded deadly nightshade into an old high-powered job but with added toxins – She is Chief Executive of News UK, formerly New … Continue reading

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