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Tory Corruption

From a political party that won Brexit by fraudulant means, aided by the discredited Cambridge Analytica – considered as ‘cowboys’ and avoided by the SNP – to Tory buddies in big business keeping Boris happy with holidays and wedding celebration … Continue reading

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Dire Trussonomics

Following Alex Salmonds’ description of Liz Truss’ grasp of economics as the most awful ‘mumbo-jumbo’, the environmentalist and supporter of Scotland’s right to autonomy, George Monbiot lets rip about her intellectual vacuity: “Trussonomics is a fanatical, fantastical creed, and the … Continue reading

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An Englishman Looks at the Monarchy

Just as predicted, the accession of Prince Charles to the English throne as Charles III, (he has chosen the title; further speculation is redundant) there comes a rush of suggestions that he will be a reformer of the monarchy, the … Continue reading

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The Death of a Monarchy

The mortal remains of Queen Elizabeth II await a state funeral. What happens next, and where is Scotland in a new era? Let’s begin with the mundane and the practical. After the Queen’s record-breaking reign, unpicking her name, image and … Continue reading

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A Hike in the Borders

I thought it pleasant to talk of bucolic things for a change: the United Kingdom in chaos, Scotland trying hard to be Scotland and not North England, murder and death on the front page of every newspaper, the environment self-destructing … Continue reading

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The Hapless Lord Advocate

Hardly had a minute past publishing a new ‘Postcard of Wisdom‘ when I spotted ALBA MP Kenny MacAskill’s constituency website criticism of the toothless Lord Advocate, Dorothy Bain QC. She was appointed, one must add, by Nicola Sturgeon, a first … Continue reading

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The Great Berwick Bank Robbery

ALBA Depute Leader and MP for East Lothian, Kenny MacAskill, has exposed the scandal of the “Great Berwick Bank Robbery”. Speaking at the press meeting outside the UK Government Offices in Edinburgh, Kenny MacAskill said – at the foot of the article … Continue reading

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Rejecting Colonialism

Indigenous senator Lidia Thorpe is something of a rebel, she detests the British colonial. In Australia she is not without supporters. And naturally, she is not without her colonial-minded critics. She was told to repeat the oath of allegiance for … Continue reading

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A Welshman v Fascism

For five years the top-hatted maverick Welshman Steve Bray has kept TV viewer’s amused at his antics and impressed by his dedication protesting outside England’s the Houses of Parliament. His ability to manoeuvre himself and his fellow campaigners behind a … Continue reading

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Tories: Addicted to Greed

In keeping with the site’s habit of cherry picking the best of opinion columns, and on the demise of crook Boorish, this week GB features independence stalwart Kevin McKenna as he ruminates on the brazenness of Tory greed for wealth … Continue reading

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