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St Patrick’s Day

The 17th of March, this is St Patrick’s Day. (My grandfather was Irish.) This is an article from Irish-domiciled Rory Carroll. One day someone will pen similar about an independent Scotland. The quintessential Irish name is famous often for the … Continue reading

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Brexit Liars

Sunak and EC president Ursula von der Leyen, 27 Feb 2023. Photo: Xinhua The majority of people in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England finally see withdrawal from the European Union – in which England held a veto – to have … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to the BBC

BBC’s Question Time is showing its age; old-hat democracy courtesy of the state broadcaster. Panellists are expected to be experts of widely varying subjects, and politically correct. The show is constructed as a gladitorial arena, guest versus guest, and guest … Continue reading

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Bastard Banksters

The banks our money helped save in 2008, the useless bankrupt departments, as well as the healthy ones in surplus, and no crooked banker jailed, are stacking up the profits at our expense. We watch as they remove local free … Continue reading

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‘Team Jorge’ Operatives

The following news story is a Guardian investigation. It discovered an election influencing unit, not in Russia or China, but in Israel, with associate units worldwide. For a fat monthly fee ‘Team Jorge’ claims to creat bots, false Twitter accounts … Continue reading

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US-Norway and Nord Stream

An environmental disaster – the US-Norwegian sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline The debate over who blew up the Nord Stream gas pipeline was never in doubt, President Biden warned us the US was ready to do it months before … Continue reading

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Mary Stuart’s Letters

Mary, Queen of Scots A team of codebreakers have cracked secret coded messages in letters written by Mary, Queen of Scots while she was imprisoned by her cousin Queen Elizabeth I, in what experts have said is the most significant … Continue reading

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Making Reparations

St George’s in Grenada. Photo: Poelzer Wolfgang Can you imagine the heir apparent: James Granville Egerton, Marquess of Stafford, born in 1975, eldest son of the 7th Duke of Sutherland, announcing to the press a grovelling apology over his ancestor’s … Continue reading

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First Nation People

An old Australian $5 banknote with portrait of Queen Elizabeth II This site has a good many Australian readers, (for whom the Grousist has a great deal of gratitude) most are second or third generation Scots plus a few politicians … Continue reading

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Science or Fudge

Swimmers pose together for Lia Thomas’ win, fuelling controversy of eligibility to compete The sports world is facing the entrance of more and more transgender athletes, men signing up to compete in all-women challenges. World Athletes President Sebastian Coe promised … Continue reading

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