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How time flies. Grouse Beater’s essays appeared in support of Scotland’s liberty 8 years ago to this day. Thank you readers for your continuing interest and support, but I’d to think there will be no need of a 10th anniversary … Continue reading

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Death of A Sister

As I write, the charlatan, liar, racist and misogynist, Boris Johnson is under pressure to resign as prime minister – a man who has never held a political post that he did not have to vacate sooner than expected. He … Continue reading

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Saughton Prison – the Long Read

Recently, Edinburgh’s Saughton Prison held rights campaigner and former ambassador, Craig Murray for four months of an eight month sentence for what the High Court defined as ‘jigsaw identification‘, that is, his written blog reports from the Alex Salmond case … Continue reading

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Stonewall’s Shadow

At a time of economic turmoil from a panedemic and climate change, increasing poverty, wealth sucked up by the few, attempts to restart the Cold War, demonising China to hold it back from being an equal player on the global … Continue reading

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A Threat To Justice

Bringing trials without juries in Scotland’s High Court rape cases is a move to the fascist right. To even entertain the change is deeply troubling. How did this come about? Almost as soon as a jury exonerated the Right Honorable … Continue reading

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Cancel Culture

Writing as someone who has been at the receiving end of the cancel culture mob, I know it is not a pleasant experience, but being self-employed, I coped reasonably well with the false accusations. I had no salaried job to … Continue reading

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Barbados Ditches the Queen

“Barbados is a republic. No one screamed ‘Blood and soil nationalism!” for the people were happy.” Grouse Beater “The creation of this republic offers a new beginning,” Prince Charles In an act that makes the government of Nicola Sturgeon appear … Continue reading

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Cairngorms By eBike

Jamies Lafferty takes a hike on a bike through some of Scotland’s most beautiful countryside, host to lush forests, red deer and buzzards. This is an out-of-season guided cycle trip around Braemar revealing a landscape in a state of flux. … Continue reading

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Grouse Beater Publication

Forget the kids festive time, buy the book; trade the kids for a holiday where you can read it in peace. “A collectors item fit for your local recycling yard.” “A literary sensation. I could not bear to read it.” … Continue reading

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Scotland That Could Be

The journalist Sean Bell takes some moments to indulge in reverie and some poetic license upon the vision of an ideal Scotland. We, of course, can create a fine land fit for all, if we stop believing the anti-independence propaganda, … Continue reading

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