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A Bridge Too Far

GB on GB – Grouse Beater on the Garden Bridge How did a bridge nobody asked for, or want, festooned with shrubbery, get cancelled after which millions of pounds of public money had been lost or squandered on its promotion? … Continue reading

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A Belly Full

If not mixing metaphors, this has been one of those jam packed, bullshit weeks. Andy Murray limped onto Court 1 at Wimbledon from a hip ailment, the great white hope of Brits United and, beaten by a serial American lobber of … Continue reading

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The Trump Backlash

Remarkable how the worst, most incompetent politicians manage to hog the limelight, promoted by the Right-wing press and media pals. Bumbling Boris Johnson is one example, the odious Farage another. For months to come we are to be assailed by the … Continue reading

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Trump v Mexican Cars

Among a contradiction of foes Donald Trump has attacked, the mightiest isn’t China, or even his own all-powerful Republican party, but the American automotive industry. It has power, leverage, and bribes that reach into every corner of American life, and … Continue reading

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Grouse Beater Talks

I’m proud to say almost 180,000 new readers visited the site this year, a 40% increase over last – and still NO advertising allowed. And I don’t take donations. Anyhow… I’m happy to give a talk and question and answer … Continue reading

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Muhammad Ali

_________________________________________________________________ Muhammad Ali was a beautiful athlete, and as a man of unshakeable principle. He fought many battles some created for him in the ring, others he did not want but were foisted upon him. If any of his fights … Continue reading

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Economics for Dummies

A fellow ‘Twittererer’ wonders how he can get a handle on understanding modern economics. He used the expression, ‘Economics for Dummies’. My advice is simple: Forget understanding economic theories. Know what is right and just for the common good. After that most … Continue reading

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