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Greece, Scotland and Hope

For those like me still suffering sorrow and anger over a lost opportunity to secure ‘once in a lifetime’ empowerment, denied by people happy to leave Scotland’s fate in the hands of another nation whose concerns become more alien by day, there … Continue reading

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The Straw that Broke Rifkind

As a politician, Malcolm Rifkind always knew what to say but never how to make it interesting. Had he had that skill he might have been a better public speaker. When he did speak he never spoke longer than the average … Continue reading

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Lamb, BBC, and Phony Democracy

  “Self-evidently a party that is intent on the break up the United Kingdom cannot, it seems to me, act in the interests of the United Kingdom. Thought of the Scottish Nationalists having influence in the next parliament, or being … Continue reading

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A Blue Tory Sees Red

  Peter Oborne is afflicted by severely limited vision. With a fanfare and drumroll and a shout of ‘Frauds!’ Oborne, a former associate editor of the Spectator, resigned as chief political correspondent of the Telegraph newspaper, that comforter of right-wing … Continue reading

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HSBC Corruption

  Linda Margaret ‘Lin’ Homer, HMRC chief executive, has form. Lin Homer is charged with charging big time jammy tax dodgers with tax evasion. Currently, she is getting a hard time grilled by the redoubtable Margaret Hodge, chair of the Public … Continue reading

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If death and taxes are inevitable so too is the corruption of banks. What a surprise. A bank that is as crooked as a bent penny. And we are to believe the HSBC has altered its ways, joined the principled, the upright, and … Continue reading

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Car News: Petrolhead Strikes Gold

A weekly look at all that sucks in the car world, and some good bits The auction of a ‘barn’ find in France of rare and unique early automobiles fills every petrol head’s noddle with joy. I know the feeling well. … Continue reading

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Enemies of Greece’s Reformation

  It did not take long for the dark side of right-wing’s empire to round on Greece for daring to elect representatives ready and willing to throw off the shackles of enforced austerity. In fact, it took a single day. First out … Continue reading

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The Eighty Richest People

According to a report from Oxfam, global wealth inequality is increasing while the rich get richer. If trends continue, the organization projects that the richest 1 percent of people will have more wealth than the remaining 99 percent by 2016. … Continue reading

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