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Adiós Inglés

A Spanish journey As a Scot and a natural born European I dug my ‘X’ hard into the ‘Remain’ box on the voting paper in the booth with the dedication of a surgeon …. and then I boarded a plane for Malaga, Spain. … Continue reading

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Art School Vandalism

AN OPEN LETTER TO THE GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART AUTHORITIES The destruction by fire of the Glasgow School of Art’s world renowned Mackintosh building is an act of vandalism. The question remains unanswered: why was gross negligence passed off as … Continue reading

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Tale of Tales – a review

On the surface this is a series of fabulous fables about despotic kings, how they make the lives of their subjects insufferable, and their sons and daughters miserable. But it really is a tale of tales about inadequate fathers who … Continue reading

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The Nice Guys – a review

I wonder how many people notice the two stars have the surname of a bird – Crowe and Gosling? Considering how many people get beaten up or blown away perhaps the movie should have been entitled Angry Birds. Nice is … Continue reading

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Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali was a beautiful athlete, and as a man of unshakeable principle. He fought many battles some created for him in the ring, others he did not want but were foisted upon him. If any of his fights called … Continue reading

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