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To ‘Proud’ Brit-Scots

When you catch a British nationalist’s argument to inspect its worth all you get is a cold handful of nothing. You boast of being an inhabitant of two lands, a Scot and a Brit, but it is self-delusion. You are not … Continue reading

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An Act of Self-Interest

The tenets the 1707 Act of Union are as plain as the nose on your face – admittedly part of your anatomy difficult to see from where your eyes sit, unless viewed in a mirror. The Act states unequivocally….. “Two Nations” It does … Continue reading

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Clipped Wings

Illusory free speech Wings Over Scotland, the “low grade propagandist” site, (according to Michael White of the illiberal Guardian) got into a spot of bother. It had its Twitter account suspended all of a day and a night. (By whom I’ll name … Continue reading

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A Company Above the Law

What a to-do! The legal team of Volkswagen has walked out of an Irish court after the judge ruled that the case, which involves a motorist suing the company following the emissions scandal, is legally fit to proceed. Imagine if … Continue reading

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Hell and High Water – a review

There’s a moment late in the film when Jeff Bridges, playing a curmudgeonly Texas Ranger, sits down on a homestead porch to discuss the case he and his partner, a Comanche, had worked on. He crosses his legs, and places … Continue reading

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Car News: Apple’s iCar

A look at all that’s rotten in the automobile industry plus some good bits Reports of an Apple iCar are bouncing around auto business Twitter lines. What evidence is there to suggest it’s Apple’s next logical product? Gordon Murray is … Continue reading

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Café Society – a review

  It’s that time again – a Woody Allen film hits town. Two things cross your mind: will it be as funny and clever as his best, and what in hell made him think it was okay to seduce and … Continue reading

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