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An Excess of Democracy

The significant sentence slipped into the Brexit Withdrawal Bill is innocuous but all encompassing: “Only the UK Government, with the approval of the UK Parliament, can act for the UK as a whole.” It was not in the draft copy. It … Continue reading

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Car News: Automobile Gigantism

A weekly look at what sucks in the automotive industry, plus some good bits Mini marvels and mountain SUVs The excuse BMW gave for recreating the ground-breaking British Mini, a car designed by a Greek screwed up by his British … Continue reading

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The Sorrow and the Shame

If clearing people from their land by force is not cleansing what is it? The term ethnic cleansing to denote over a hundred years of clearing Scots from their land is a phrase rejected by those who see Scotland’s ills … Continue reading

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The Sharp Shooter

An occasional series on eminent Scots undervalued by the public or forgotten Alan Sharp (1934 – 2013) Looking at the life and times of Alan Sharp, author and screenwriter, leaves me with an edgy feeling he would have made a … Continue reading

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Cars News: Leccy Rules

A squint at the machinations of the car industry and why we’re all suckers for it. UK sales of new cars continue to fall markedly. There are lost of reasons for this, though I’d like to think we are getting … Continue reading

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A Quiet Place – a review

Horror films are not my cup of blood. None have the depth of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein – The Modern Prometheus. Then again, most are not based on pioneering novels. Those from Hollywood are fixated on screaming teenagers, either stalking, chasing, torturing or … Continue reading

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Scotland the Rogue Nation

Hardy a week passes by without some sad dummy popping up from nowhere and then disappearing again to claim an historical narrative I’ve published has no basis in fact. They arrive locked and loaded. I call those moments, drive by shootings. … Continue reading

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