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Belfast – a review

Kenneth Branagh’s cellulose autobiography of his childhood is one of those productions that almost resists a critique because it is so absolutely honest in the depiction of growing up in the middle of Northern Ireland’s religious and bloody battles between … Continue reading

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The Brits In India

The Labour party’s last ventriloquist dummy, George Galloway, once rebuked a Scottish independinista for daring to compare British rule in India with Scotland. Other than a giant diamond in the Monarch’s crown, the Koh-i-Noor, one guesses he meant Scotland did … Continue reading

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Policing Scotland

This article is written by Scotland’s chief of police, Iain Livingstone. Published in the Guardian, it requires wide circulation. He was a former football player for Raith Rovers before becoming a solicitor. Why he switched to become a policeman in … Continue reading

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War Never Ends

That Putin’s order to regain influence in Ukraine was an error of judgement that plays into Washington’s hands, is a given. That he has gifted warmongers in the West the excuse to point the finger and say, ‘we told you … Continue reading

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USA and Ukraine

This is the third article on Ukraine published on Grouse Beater. As a private citizen who has studied aspects of Scottish, European and US history for screenplay projects, it behoves me to advise readers to look for guidance from specialists … Continue reading

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The Duke – a review

As football commentators are apt to say, this was a game of two-halves. The Duke doesn’t really get off the ground until the trial scenes. And for all of its length it remains unabashed English nostalgia for a time that … Continue reading

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Ukraine: Worse to Come?

I posted a fairly impartial history of the Ukrainian issue some days ago – we in the West have a chronically short memory – so that readers know why Russia has embarked on an invasion, and why we in the … Continue reading

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The National Language

THE IMPORTANCE OF INDIGENOUS LANGUAGE This recorded interview between Mark McNaught and Professor Alfred Baird discusses the crucial importance of language to a civilised nation, the core of its existence, in particular how its demotion and ultimate erosion is a … Continue reading

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UK – What a Mess

Simon Jenkins is one of the few Guardian columnists who has expressed sympathy for Scotland’s political ambitions. (This site makes no apology for publishing the work of the friends of Scotland, even if we do not always agree with it.) … Continue reading

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Death on the Nile – Review

I begin with a lament. The composer of the film score, Scotland’s Patrick Doyle, a creator of prodigious output who really ought to be lauded as our national composer, has manufactured a low, deep insistent growl for the tense murder … Continue reading

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