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Salmond on the Candidates

The first week of the SNP leadership campaign has been like the Titanic heading for the icebergs and at full speed. The biggest problem is not of the fault of the First Ministerial hopefuls. Scotland right now is in the … Continue reading

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Green About the Gills

Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater of the Green party With few exceptions, this site has not had much occasion to discuss Scotland’s Green party. There have been moments looking for good articles and strategies, but none were to hand when … Continue reading

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Brexit Liars

Sunak and EC president Ursula von der Leyen, 27 Feb 2023.¬†Photo: Xinhua The majority of people in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England finally see withdrawal from the European Union – in which England held a veto – to have … Continue reading

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BBC’s Sharp Practice

The permanent smirk of an arrogant, entitled sod – Richard Sharp The British right-wing have finally got their tallons deep into the BBC. The corporation was always a supporter of the British State – cannot be anything else, it has … Continue reading

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Gone Girl

Former first minister of Scotland, the disappointing Nicola Sturgeon MSP Nicola Sturgeon has left the SNP in a terrible shambles. (See the essay “The SNP Cannibals“.) ALBA MP Kenny MacAskill has a few words to say on that flight to … Continue reading

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The Woollen Revolution

Thanks to Leanne’s mum, I have been immortalised in wool – and I am still chuckling. Have a good day, friends, readers, compatriots and unexpected visitors.

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The SNP’s Cannibals

Two sides of the same coin, courting popularity and receiving perpetual ignominy Looking at the Scottish National Party today (SNP) one is hard pressed to find anything they are doing that raises a smile. The mess left by the departure … Continue reading

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The View from Ash Regan

‘Neither the Tories nor a future UK Labour government will grant a Section 30 order’  As editor and protector of this site’s integrity, I have backed Ash Regan as the best candidate for the first minister of Scotland. out of … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to the BBC

BBC’s Question Time is showing its age; old-hat democracy courtesy of the state broadcaster. Panellists are expected to be experts of widely varying subjects, and politically correct. The show is constructed as a gladitorial arena, guest versus guest, and guest … Continue reading

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Scotland’s Economy

The capital of Scotland – Richard Murphy The tax campaigner and chartered accountant, Richard Murphy, is a strong friend to Scotland having discovered how the British State and its Treasury cheats Scotland out of its earnings, and before the British … Continue reading

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