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Banning Dirty Engines

Clean air cleans up Harassed readers occupied with surviving corporate-run DUP Britain might have noticed media chatter discussing the ultimate banning of the combustion engine, that is, petrol (gas) and diesel engines. Hybrid cars are covered too, so you can’t slip … Continue reading

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Lost in LaLa Land 2

Arriving I blinked hard at the blinding light, felt the slap of heat hit my face, and noticed everyone in a hurry to go nowhere. It was my first time in Los Angeles. I had barely got out of Customs when a tall African-American … Continue reading

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Despicable Me 3 – a review

Pixar animations – we’re not able to call them cartoons these days, though they are – Pixar animations are invariably excellent to outstanding, those from other studios less so. Spielberg’s stable, bought by Disney, tends to pick winning stories aimed at … Continue reading

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I got caught up in a mild spat on Twitter with an individual who voted No to Scotland re-joining the rest of the world, and Remain for the UK staying with the rest of the world. A psychotic contradiction if every there … Continue reading

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Dunkirk – a review

This is a film promoting the myth of English Exceptionalism, and by default, the efficacy of splendid isolationism. The people languishing on beaches are not refugees fleeing from wars we started – there’s no armada of rescue ships for them – the people … Continue reading

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The Mummy – a review

Readers will spot this is a very late film review. To be candid, I saw the film was a turkey by just seeing the trailer, which is a lot better than the film. I duly delegated my notes to the … Continue reading

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A Belly Full

If not mixing metaphors, this has been one of those jam packed, bullshit weeks. Andy Murray limped onto Court 1 at Wimbledon from a hip ailment, the great white hope of Brits United and, beaten by a serial American lobber of … Continue reading

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