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Scottish Labour – RIP

A party without a conscience Below this introduction I publish a letter from a former Labour supporter as evidence of the death of Labour in Scotland. It is scathing and honest. It speaks for many of us. Labour in Scotland did … Continue reading

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Scotland’s Powers

‘Holyrood’ – Scotland’s massively over-designed Parliament The United Kingdom Parliament registers the UK with the United Nations this way: “Two countries, a principality and a province”. It must surprise hostile unionists to learn Scotland is defined as it should be, a country in its own right. … Continue reading

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Grouse Beater Talks

I’m proud to say almost 180,000 new readers visited the site this year, a 40% increase over last – and funded by myself. I don’t take donations. Anyhow, to ‘Grouse Beater Talks’ … and sometimes does the hoovering. I’m happy … Continue reading

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Dog Day Daft

I caught a late night documentary on the origins of the domesticated dog, the flea bitten, hair shedding thing snoring and farting on the hearth carpet, more usually the fashionable animated powder puff some women carry around in a handbag … Continue reading

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Investigating Allan Pinkerton

Continuing the occasional series of outstanding Scots ignored or overlooked Allan Pinkerton is not quite in the half-forgotten category of previous personalities illuminated here, but as far as Scotland is concerned readers will find it hard to discover much about … Continue reading

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Sully – a review

One of the surprises, to me at least, of seeing friends astonished at Clint Eastwood’s right-wing rants, (“That’s the kiss-ass generation we’re in right now. We’re really in a pussy generation”) his public gaffes, (“Obama doesn’t go to work!”) and admiration for … Continue reading

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Paterson – a review

Paterson is a bus driver who lives in the town of Paterson, New Jersey. He writes poetry, not very good poetry, but it demonstrates his mind is alert to life he observes around him as he goes about his daily … Continue reading

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