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Greece – Cheated and Bullied

  The sight of proud Greek people in despair is so sad. Let’s get one thing clear, very little of the money loaned to Greece reaches them. You do not have to be a Nobel prize winning economist to follow the money … Continue reading

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Of Horner and Patriotic Emotions

  Boredom beckons whenever xenophobic unionists express brute criticism of five-time Academy winning Braveheart but make no criticism of its music. If anything moves the spirit more than anything else it’s music. (There’s a link to music end of the essay.) … Continue reading

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Dr John Rae

An occasional series on eminent Scots unjustly ignored or forgotten Dr John Rae was an outstanding explorer. And it’s him I want to concentrate on to demonstrate how the power of the British Establishment, embodied in a handful of public figures, … Continue reading

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Greece’s Trojan Horse

  Only sympathy will do for the Greek government. The alien policies imposed on it as a loan state are horrendous. They lead to disaster. If there is such a thing as a reverse Trojan Horse, the bailout from Brussels … Continue reading

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A History of Brief Time

A noteworthy remark in support of Scotland’s autonomy recurs again and again in Internet sites, and published in newspaper letters. It comes from the elderly and follows the same course: ‘I hope to live long enough to see Scotland independent, … Continue reading

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