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A Boring English Election

  “It’s a good job we’re not having soup or else I’d put me head in it and drown meself.” Shirley Valentine. Shirley Valentine has my sympathy. I recall an Oxford Don rabbitting on and on about obscure poets and realised … Continue reading

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A Clear and Present Danger

Very clear and very present danger The phrase ‘clear and present danger’ has a profound reverberation far graver than any political automaton of western imperialism will ever admit. To Atomic scientists it means mass extinction. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists … Continue reading

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Wild Tales – a review

Wild Tales (Relatos Salvajes) is the perfect film for those with a short attention span. It’s my kind of film, subversive, satirical, carrying a punch in the social plexus. There’s heat, ill-temper, anger, fury, and revenge killing. Great! I am up for … Continue reading

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Cook’s Half-Nelson

  BBC’s James Cook lost me at hello. When the BBC and Fraser Nelson editor of the Spectator gang up on the common man’s voice expressed in social media you know the British Establishment is truly rattled. It all began … Continue reading

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Scottish, English and Faux Democracy

It is unhealthy to shut down discussion on why Scotland’s Referendum was lost. That only frustrates understanding. It blocks debate on how to go about it next time. These truisms have engaged my thoughts these last days maining this is … Continue reading

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Too Sensible for her Shoes

  Never underestimate the fickleness of public affection. And never trust the lying, brutal British Establishment. After the crushing loss of Scotland’s one opportunity to grab free will, and after acquiring real knowledge of our political and economic situation that … Continue reading

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Slipping In Westminster Slop

Westminster is a sewer “Mr Speaker, you gave us a gentle rebuke yesterday for the applause that we gave in this Chamber, and we take that with good grace. We know of course that it is not traditional practice in the Chamber, … Continue reading

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