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Star Wars – a review

Disappointing and disappointed. The way I come to terms with this reboot of the original Star Wars Episode 1 now entitled, The Force Awakens, is the way I accept the redesign of the VW Beetle. It doesn’t set the world … Continue reading

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A Soft Touch

Here goes nothing: the soggy subject is … toilet rolls. While neo-liberal brainwashed hacks push Westminster’s agenda and think up offensive, repetitious variations of ‘SNP Bad’ for the coming year, let us stay in that state of limbo, our minds … Continue reading

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Yer Granny’s Sayin’s

Scotia-biased tweets and posts on social site and Twitter often resort to auld Scots sayings to make a point, or outwit their English opponent who can’t understand basic English let alone written Scots. ‘Hud yer wheesht’ is a granny saying, … Continue reading

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And the Winner is…

I got to thinking of what Scotland achieved last year. It occurred to me we have reversed the Fear campaign. Far from relaxing after winning the Referendum vote, or showing any sort of generosity to the losers, (“It’s all about English … Continue reading

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A Bleak Week

What is the point of it all? Torrential rain, sodden earth, floods, dystopian clouds everywhere as glutinous as frog spawn, malevolent clouds that hang just above your head, the damp seeping into your bones. Scottish winters are bleak even when … Continue reading

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Bridge of Spies – a review

Those hoping for some polemic against the enemies of Scotland will be disappointed. This isn’t a treatise on GCHQ’s goons counselling against the SNP over wear and tear to the Forth Road Bridge. It’s a review of Spielberg’s latest film, Bridge … Continue reading

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The Unionites Gospel

The Gospel According to The Unionites AND it came to pass that there existed a fertile land called Caledonia, a wild and verdant place abundant in all the fish of the water and the sea around, and all the fowl of … Continue reading

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