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A Time To Retire

How bewildering to encounter SNP MP Pete Wishart blocking dissent and passion on Twitter from SNP independence supporters. He does it with such ferocity and superiority I am beginning to wonder if he is suffering from severe stress. Reading his … Continue reading

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End of Days

Disdain and disrespect for your own supporters is corrosive. Note Glenrothes MP Peter Grant’s superiority carefully. He thinks discussion on an order for a Section 30 is ‘an internal party matter’. Though his short-hand may have let him down, he … Continue reading

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The Keatings Case

Martin Keatings has posted his legal submission concerned with proving the Scottish nation does not need permission from its colonial neighbour to organise an advisory referendum on independence. (The link for the full 33 pages is at the end of … Continue reading

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After Independence

The alternative title is, ‘Things to do in Scotland before you die’. This list is by no means a comprehensive, detailed agenda of priorities to follow once Scotland reinstates its autonomy. Asked in a recent interview what structures I’d like … Continue reading

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Countering Unemployment Post-Pandemic

This article was promoted by the press as written by Scotland’s former First Minister, Alex Salmond, naturally giving rise to speculation in some quarters it represents a sign of his return to front bench politics. In reality, it was written … Continue reading

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