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England Cannot Be Trusted

The Northern Irish politician, Matthew O’Toole, a member of the Social and Democratic Labour Party, takes a jaundiced look at British morality and ethics as it prepares to meddle with the ‘Good Friday Agreement,’ and upset both the European Union … Continue reading

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Indy At Last – Maybe

In all the adulation, praise, faith, relief, disbelief, anger, cynicism and scepticism expressed these last hours, few noticed that Nicola Sturgeon’s solution to achieve self governance is handing over all the profound decisions of Scotland’s future to the British State, … Continue reading

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Capitalists Behind GRA Ideology

The goggle-eyed madmen of the type that populate James Bond films planning grandiose schemes of obtaining ultimate power and wealth over the planet are long known to be behind the ugly faux ideology of GRA reform. “We are making God … Continue reading

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Russian Baddies Versus US Baddies

In a classic utterance of their baddies evil, our baddies virtuous, this was said this week: “There is no place to hide,” said by U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland during a surprise trip to Ukraine this week, announcing that a veteran prosecutor known … Continue reading

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Scotland’s Seabird Deaths

This is disturbing news. Along the strand, a succession of small bedraggled forms lie prone – victims of the avian flu ripping through the seabird populations of Scotland’s Northern Isles and up the east coast. Crossing over to the Brough … Continue reading

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Ripping Off Poor Countries

In our continuing series of Climate Change articles, selected by special invitation or from already published analysis, environmentalist George Monbiot suggest we should drop loan repayments from poor countries and free them to use their economies to remedy the crisis. … Continue reading

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Will Maclean

Some time ago, a gossip columnist who likes to present herself as a film reviewer tried to have me apologise for criticising the BBC radio presenter Janice Forsyth. (There are film promoters who talk from press releases, film reviewers and … Continue reading

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A Ferry, Scotland to Europe

SNP MP Douglas Chapman’s cheery face was presented to us on the front pages of some Unionist newspapers, most prominently The National, proclaiming the return of a continental ferry service from Rosyth to a European port “sometime in 2023”. Good … Continue reading

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USA Takes Revenge on Assange

WAR CRIMINALS AND MURDERERS REJOICE by Peter Oborne Murderers, torturers and war criminals will be toasting the British home secretary, Priti Patel, tonight. Her decision to approve the extradition of Julian Assange turns investigative journalism into a criminal act, and licenses the … Continue reading

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Tory Fascism

Photographs confirming officials are separating youthful refugees from the middle-aged and elderly, that is, sons and daughters from parents and relations, indicate that the British State is on the road to Nazi methods of segregation in Rwanda ‘enclosures’ – they … Continue reading

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