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Unionist Roundup

  Scottish Newspapers Take Another Hammering The half-year newspaper figures show nearly every Scottish “regional” newspaper, tabloid or broadsheet, fell in circulation yet again, proving that the more you tell people they’re poor and meek, and they should thank Westminster … Continue reading

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That Crazy Composer

Macmillan working with homeless people To Sir James MacMillan, CBE, Pontificator and Fabricator MacMillan is an Ayrshire born composer. There are times I don’t believe he exists so extreme and hair-brained are his published pronouncements on Scotland’s culture. Alas, the evidence is overwhelming … Continue reading

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Our Mythical Film Industry

What? No drama? A BBC spokesperson apologised for the absence of any drama about, produced, and made in, Scotland since 2014. Actually, it’s earlier than that. Practically speaking, it takes over two years from green lighting a project to the finished … Continue reading

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The Childhood of a Leader – a review

  This film is a riveting study of a psychotic child living with dysfunctional parents, learning how to disrupt, and in so doing, how to control adults. I’ve met that child. My years as a drama teacher in the east … Continue reading

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The Shallows – a review

  Many moons ago, desperate for an idea that contained one character, one location, and so cost tuppence to make, (a Scottish malaise born out of financial necessity) yet be packed full of drama and tension, I wasted two days pacing up … Continue reading

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The Language of Bankers

This is a story of men without honour whose behaviour is akin to the petty thief. It also reminds us big time bankers did their training in Las Vegas gambling casinos. They are not the ones we meet at the … Continue reading

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Jason Bourne – a review

Steve McQueen was a self-regarding, mean-spirited movie star who red penned a lot of his dialogue, or gave it to a supporting actor. This left him to play Mr Strong and Silent, a technique that guaranteed the camera had to … Continue reading

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The Folly of Nuclear War

Trident is back in the news because Westminster is determined to spend billions of taxpayer’s money on it to pretend England rules the waves and owns the world, a major power. Billions spent on bombs not billions spent keeping people … Continue reading

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