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The Geneva Motor Show

This year’s Geneva Motor Show emphasises what the perceptive already see, car manufacturers still concentrating their output on producing costly toys for the mega-wealthy, ably assisted in that quest by Britain’s witless right-wing car magazines. Where were the affordable cars? … Continue reading

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Still buying a VW?

That VW didn’t cost a pony, mate, it cost a monkey I wonder how many readers knew the shiny Volkswagen (VW) diesel car they bought was tested on monkeys. Not driving the vehicles, though I’m sure a few species could … Continue reading

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All You Need To Know

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ELECTRIC CARS  –   BUT WERE AFRAID TO ASK As Norway leads on the daily use of electric cars, backed by its government’s wide range of generous incentives and perks, our UK government is slothful. It … Continue reading

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Bloody Cyclists

The end of the combustion engine? I think we are in a second golden age of the automobile. But this time around we might not be dominated by Big Business Petroleum that cramped new forms of propulsion. For decades big oil … Continue reading

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Car Museums

There’s something inert, lifeless about car museums, even the best of them, especially those that lay out their vehicles in serried ranks. The better ones, such as the Peterson Museum in Los Angeles, create attractive displays and renew them a … Continue reading

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Car Predictions

An interesting prediction from the head of Toyota’s Research and Development, Seigo Kuzamaki: he thinks the internal combustion engine dead by 2050, and will power only about 10% of cars as small units part of hybrid systems, from 2040 onwards. He’s … Continue reading

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An Electric Truck

Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla is at it again. He announced the production of a truck, two of them, one big and one small, and to the surprise of press and public alike, he also unveiled a hyper sports … Continue reading

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