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Car Museums

There’s something inert, lifeless about car museums, even the best of them, especially those that lay out their vehicles in serried ranks. The better ones, such as the Peterson Museum in Los Angeles, create attractive displays and renew them a … Continue reading

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Car Predictions

An interesting prediction from the head of Toyota’s Research and Development, Seigo Kuzamaki: he thinks the internal combustion engine dead by 2050, and will power only about 10% of cars as small units part of hybrid systems, from 2040 onwards. He’s … Continue reading

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An Electric Truck

Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla is at it again. He announced the production of a truck, two of them, one big and one small, and to the surprise of press and public alike, he also unveiled a hyper sports … Continue reading

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Your Car’s Dependability

The most automobile magazines will tell you about the car you plan to buy is how well it drives, what space there is inside, and how good it looks. A few provide a bullet point run down of miles per gallon, … Continue reading

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A Plug for Dyson

Sir James Dyson is one those people for whom your admiration has limits. You applaud his inventiveness, his eye for clean, colourful design, and his determination, but recoil when you study his ethics close up. Most recently, crowing with pleasure at England … Continue reading

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Ghost Opponents

An odd tweet appeared on my timeline. There was something clunky, something unnatural about the sentence construction. I answered it warily. Back came a second lifeless response, both short staccato sentences. I did what I usually do before encouraging further dialogue, … Continue reading

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The Fall and Rise of TVR

To be absolutely cautious and err on the safe side, this essay ought to be entitled the rise and fall, and probable rise again of TVR – maybe. If there is a better example than TVR of the strengths and weaknesses … Continue reading

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