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Tesla’s Latest Leccy

  A quick guide to Elon Musk’s latest street legal leccy car. Much to their competitor’s chagrin – hell had reigned while Tesla ramped up manufactured numbers to meet pre-orders – the new model is delivered on time, and with … Continue reading

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Banning Dirty Engines

Clean air cleans up Harassed readers occupied with surviving corporate-run DUP Britain might have noticed media chatter discussing the ultimate banning of the combustion engine, that is, petrol (gas) and diesel engines. Hybrid cars are covered too, so you can’t slip … Continue reading

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Volvo, Chinese Driven

Keen car drivers will have noticed Volvo’s announcement that from 2019, the company famous for its introduction of now common safety features, will produce only electric cars or hybrid cars, that is, petrol-electric. All in all, a nice piece of advertising, one … Continue reading

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Plug Ugly Cars

You could argue the vast majority of automobiles choking our roads are ugly, but you might be arguing bland is ugly. There are plenty of blobs, and lookalike junk. It isn’t easy designing cars, they’re difficult objects to make harmonious at … Continue reading

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Smoking Mirrors

For my occasional essays on the car industry I freely admit I veer from excessive adoration of good design – cars are not art though there’s art in their design – to outright condemnation of  what cars and their makers … Continue reading

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Car Tax Goes Up

Regular readers will know I publish the occasional item on the car industry. This week it seems helpful to lay out how much your nice new shiny car is going to cost in annual tax, the tax that isn’t really … Continue reading

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Trump v Mexican Cars

Among a contradiction of foes Donald Trump has attacked, the mightiest isn’t China, or even his own all-powerful Republican party, but the American automotive industry. It has power, leverage, and bribes that reach into every corner of American life, and … Continue reading

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