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Plug Ugly Cars

You could argue the vast majority of automobiles choking our roads are ugly, but you might be arguing bland is ugly. There are plenty of blobs, and lookalike junk. It isn’t easy designing cars, they’re difficult objects to make harmonious at … Continue reading

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Smoking Mirrors

For my occasional essays on the car industry I freely admit I veer from excessive adoration of good design – cars are not art though there’s art in their design – to outright condemnation of  what cars and their makers … Continue reading

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Car Tax Goes Up

Regular readers will know I publish the occasional item on the car industry. This week it seems helpful to lay out how much your nice new shiny car is going to cost in annual tax, the tax that isn’t really … Continue reading

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Trump v Mexican Cars

Among a contradiction of foes Donald Trump has attacked, the mightiest isn’t China, or even his own all-powerful Republican party, but the American automotive industry. It has power, leverage, and bribes that reach into every corner of American life, and … Continue reading

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Something For Nothing Society

This is about car ‘welfare’, the massive subsidies the UK government gives the automobile industry so we can buy that ideal car. ‘Privatisation’ means the opposite of a company able to stand on its own feet without government help. It means they … Continue reading

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Losing the I-Pace Race

  Just as the loving embrace of Tories with Ukip combine to pull us out of European co-operation and friendship, Jaguar Cars announce their first all-electric vehicle, an into-the-21st-century SUV, a belated but significant revolution for British built cars. More … Continue reading

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Car Phone Blues

I use an old-style flip-phone, the kind first seen on Star Trek. This causes a great degree of mirth in family and friends. To them, I might as well be using a quill to dip in ink, the kind of … Continue reading

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