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The Salmond Witches

The National newspaper, a newspaper that has dedicated itself to putting forward the case for regaining Scotland’s autonomy in all things, has published a letter signed by the same anonymous Women who accused the former first minister Alex Salmond of … Continue reading

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Car Culture: The Safest Place

A weekly look at car culture as it affects us, plus some good bits For all our war on cars, environmentally noxious, noise, parking, good land concreted to serve them, they are currently the safest place to be to avoid … Continue reading

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ST: Week Two

DAY 6 – Monday 16 March 2020  a. First witness today is Woman B – Alex Salmond is accused of indecently assaulting her. She was a civil servant in the Scottish government. Court discussing the creation of Alex Salmond’s official … Continue reading

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Coronavirus Updates

It is understandable readers will want to know who has been affected in their local area in Scotland, which places one should avoid. The best tactic is to stay in doors at home as long as is desirable. However, to … Continue reading

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Car Culture: Volvo Philosophy

A weekly look at what sucks in the car world, plus some good bits The car industry is in dire trouble. Faced by the perfect storm, Brexit, falling sales, ropey reliability, dieselgate, and now the Devil’s Virus, Nissan has closed … Continue reading

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DAY 1 – Monday 09 March 2020 a. Jury informed that Alex Salmond is pleading not guilty, and has lodged special defences of consent on various charges and of alibi on another. b. Lady Dorrian tells the jury that they … Continue reading

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Mary Somerville

An occasional series on great Scots unjustly ignored or forgotten Put off by the acrid smells of school science laboratories, I avoided the study of science subjects like I did tripe (a sheep’s stomach) boiled in milk. That is my … Continue reading

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