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The Obcenity of Food Banks

  Food banks, the result of ‘existential’ terrorism. What does walking inside one feel like for the first time? In a classic inanity only a politician can coin, an MP suggests food banks are a sign of a ‘caring society’. Presumably, … Continue reading

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Goldilocks and the Insurgency Bears

   By common consent young Mhairi Black gave an inspired maiden speech. She was articulate not hesitant, confident not arrogant, generous too inviting SNP’s implacable for, the Labour party, to join in opposition and not merely abstain, but above all she … Continue reading

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A Land Fit For Heroes

“As you get older it is harder to have heroes, but it is sort of necessary.” ― Ernest Hemingway My heroes My heroes are those who accomplish good things for others and wish nothing for themselves; those who know people’s … Continue reading

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Land Grabbers and Losers

  You can tell the civilisation of a country by how well it protects its land, and the cleanliness of its public toilets. In between tending my own wee plot, currently a construction site and a temporary toilet, building a house in … Continue reading

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Greece – Varoufakis Rocks!

To borrow a phrase from the American banksters, Greece is too big to fail. The reluctant hero Greece Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis would eschew the epithet ‘hero’ but hero he is. To begin with, any politician happy to take a … Continue reading

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Lost in LaLa Land 4

  Where is Malibu? What is Malibu? And is it really full of movie stars? But first an apology: by the very nature of this essay name dropping is hard to avoid. Where is Malibu? At school I was taught the … Continue reading

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