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Dumbing the Dumb

  Take a long look at the photograph above of the Commission established by Cameron to agree upon new political powers for Scotland in the wake of the Referendum vote. What do you see? Only two of those serving on … Continue reading

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Boycotting BBC Scotland

Acknowledging the source The idea to boycott BBC Scotland comes from the social website, ‘Wings Over Scotland,’ a highly informative daily tear down of Scotland’s right-wing anti-Scots newspapers, the site led by a robust journalist, Stuart Campbell, a man with forensic skills … Continue reading

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Got the Smarts?

  I own a Smart car. It is my own personal transportation pod. An enthusiastic driver, I observe countless others on my daily commute driving five or more empty seats to work and back. Why the selfishness? Drive something smaller, less … Continue reading

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Where has it all gone?

Where has it all gone? I mean the camaraderie, the swelling sense of pride, sharing a common purpose, the glowing confidence in the faces of people in the street, joyous smiles among strangers, an open fellowship when we discussed and debated a better … Continue reading

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