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Union? What Union?

Glancing through some intelligent and some not so bright posts on a social website I noticed one irritant who had only one argument: Scotland lost it sovereignty on signing the Union of the Crowns. This is arrant nonsense. Post after post … Continue reading

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Isle of Dogs – a review

This latest animated offering, Isle of Dogs – named after the island in the Thames – comes from the wild imagination of Wes Anderson. It’s a visual feast but a dogs dinner of a plot. There is something studenty about … Continue reading

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Never Really Here – a review

With accusations of invisible Russian assassins in the air it’s something of a coincidence we have one in the cinema, but he uses nothing more sophisticated than a blunt hammer and no sickle to the skull to do his dirty work. To … Continue reading

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Car News: Geneva Motor Show

A weekly guide to all that’s rotten in the auto industry, plus some good bits This year’s Geneva Motor Show emphasises what the perceptive already see, car manufacturers still concentrating their output on producing costly toys for the mega-wealthy, ably … Continue reading

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Mudbound – a review

Mudbound had such a short, limited release in Scotland and England that I didn’t bother to publish a review judging it too late to be of any use, but then I noticed it had been nominated for Oscars. That usually means … Continue reading

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For the Glory of the Empire

 Empty pockets One of  the lamest taunts aimed at Scotland’s just political ambitions – unionist barbs rarely rise above a snotty grunt – is the one about independence reducing Scotland to “a basket case like Greece”. This insult was thrown at us at … Continue reading

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Of Jocks, Nats and Nazis

Yoons and baboons In my own political writings I avoid using the term ‘Yoon’, the diminutive of unionist. I disliked it the minute it appeared. In past studies of the tragic, illegal Vietnam war waged by the US on a purely agrarian … Continue reading

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