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‘Project Fear’ – book review

  This is a somewhat belated review of ‘Project Fear’, published a few weeks ago, written by a talented young journalist with the noir thriller name of Joe Pike. Deadlines intervened delaying reading it cover to cover, but in all … Continue reading

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Thoughts on ISIS

  It is fair to say that the invasion of Iraq helped to form ISIS, or ISIL, as some insist on renaming it. ISIS statements, both for Paris and the Russian airliner atrocities, are very explicit: you bomb us and … Continue reading

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Their Terror Versus Our Terror

  I regard Christianity, Islam, and Judaism as the three great evils of this world. The faithful will doubtless disagree, and some might feel anger at that opinion, so angry they wish me dead. Fundamentalist religion has a way of turning … Continue reading

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Filling Old Shoes

  It  might be a hoary old cliché but it’s true nevertheless, when all you have for change is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. A long, hard look at today’s British Conservative party from the same of twenty years … Continue reading

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Pimlico’s Passport

The new UK passport is pure, unadulterated arrogant English chauvinism. And it’s without a shred of humour. It has to have been designed by a bunch of Whitehall mandarins enjoying a too-long liquid lunch in an upmarket restaurant somewhere in Pimlico. A bunch … Continue reading

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