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The Great Wall – a review

The Chinese invented paper, printing – block and moveable type, porcelain ceramics, lacquer, silk cloth, seed drills, iron ploughs, rice terraces, land cultivation, agriculture, fireworks, gunpowder, canons, rockets, and military precision, the list is almost endless, but they needed Matt Damon … Continue reading

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Moonlight – a review

Macho man incarnate, I’m the last movie fan to lose good lousing time to see a film about gay love among black men in Miami, but the street noise for Moonlight has been getting louder and louder; so, it was … Continue reading

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T2 Trainspotting – a review

T2? What a stupid title! Okay, got that off my chest. The gang’s all here, ‘Spud’ Murphy, (Ewen Bremner) Renton, (Ewan McGregor) Sick Boy, (Jonny Lee Miller) and the psychotic Begbie, (Robert Carlyle) only … only now they’re all movie stars. How … Continue reading

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Hacksaw Ridge – a review

When Mel Gibson directs a film he somehow contrives to make it a game of two halves, to quote the accident prone sports commentator, David Coleman. Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge is exactly that. The first half is an old fashioned, … Continue reading

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La La Land – a review

Critics are gushing over this pedestrian, post-modern musical, almost as if they’d not seen a musical in their lives. The Guardian critic describes it as “gorgeous”. All I can say is, his idea of gorgeous is different from any dictionary. Another calls … Continue reading

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Silence – a review

Priest and believer. The Japanese believer has a weird idea of Christianity To begin with a winner: there’s a wonderful debut role in Silence of the Japanese Inquisitor played by Issey Ogata that arrives on our screens with the same powerful impact … Continue reading

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Melody Man

An occasional series on Scots of outstanding merit, deserving of our attention and praise. There is a pleasing symmetry to this interview. Patrick Doyle is scoring the remake of the Agatha Christie classic Murder on the Orient Express. I interviewed the … Continue reading

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