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Wild Rose – a review

I am in a quandary. Wild Rose is a study of a headstrong, fiesty, fiery young woman, a whirlwind of energy nowhere for it to go, and it is set in Glasgow, but it is so burdened with banal dialogue and … Continue reading

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How to Train Your Dragon – a review

Normally I don’t go to cinemas to see children’s movies, though I once did when a practising teacher. I will make an effort to see the latest Pixar animation for its adult content worrying as one does, the story-lines might … Continue reading

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Fighting With My Family – a review

Fighting for My family is what’s categorised in the business as ‘feel good’ film, but as this one aims for comedy, at least, that’s how it is promoted, you could describe it as a ‘Feel Goofy Movie’. In that ambition, … Continue reading

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Buster Scruggs – a review

I try not to miss a Coen Brother movie. This one missed when it was in cinemas. Netflix gives its projects a week out so they become eligible for Oscars and then onto its television streaming list, a sore point … Continue reading

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Roma – a review

Roma is a black and white memory belonging to the distinguished writer-director Alfonso Cuarón’s childhood. It is set in the Mexico City of the tumultuous 1970s. He directs, writes and is also behind the camera framing every shot. There are … Continue reading

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The Mule – a review

If Clint Eastwood is a master of anything it has to be nurturing his image carefully decade by decade. Here he is at the end of his professional life playing a doddery old codger who gets on the wrong side … Continue reading

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Mary Queen of Scots – a review

This must be the first Scots historical drama in living memory in which big, bad bearded James Cosmo does not appear. There are lots of fresh Scot’s faces mostly with beards. Let me put aside for the moment the obvious core … Continue reading

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