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Dunkirk – a review

This is a film promoting the myth of English Exceptionalism, and by default, the efficacy of splendid isolationism. The people languishing on beaches are not refugees fleeing from wars we started – there’s no armada of rescue ships for them – the people … Continue reading

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The Mummy – a review

Readers will spot this is a very late film review. To be candid, I saw the film was a turkey by just seeing the trailer, which is a lot better than the film. I duly delegated my notes to the … Continue reading

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Wonder Woman – a review

I can sum up the film in one sentence: A good looking chic who can deflect bullets with a shield and swing a sword, needs mansplaining to help her get around. I almost feel guilty being a man reviewing this film, but … Continue reading

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Churchill – a review

Film fans will know this is the third British war time drama this year. The previous English set drama being the disappointing Their Finest. No wonder so many Scots are paranoid. (Scotland got a truly mirthless remake of Whisky Galore.) Every time … Continue reading

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Lost in LaLa Land

As a Scot visiting Los Angeles for the first time I felt it wasn’t all that far removed from my first visit to Glasgow as a youth except with palm trees and better dental care. A Glaswegian friend tells of … Continue reading

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King Arthur – a review

This won’t take long. This alleged multi-million summer blockbuster would be better entitled ‘King Arfur’. Every subject director Guy Ritchie touches rings out the sound of Bow bells, Cheapside, every character he  creates, or reimagines, turns into a cockney geezer. Remember … Continue reading

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Elle – a review

I’m in two minds about Dutch director Paul Verhoeven. On the one hand he’s a populist who creates glossy material with a sly political message. He has a way of  giving the finger to various aspects of unsavoury capitalism. On the … Continue reading

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