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Clergy – a review

This is one hell of a savage movie, a full frontal attack on the Catholic Church, specifically an attack on the Catholic Church of Poland. In Poland the Catholic Church and the ruling political party have condemned it – the … Continue reading

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The Equaliser 2 – a review

This is a film that is both very good and very bad. Good bits are the photography, the acting, the special affects and the violent deaths. Oh, and a fine gale force storm in the last fifteen minutes. The bad … Continue reading

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BlacKKKlansman – a review

Well, this unusual subject is a very pleasant surprise. After the Cannes Festival premier I’d heard through the grapevine co-writer-director Spike Lee was ‘back on form’, but his film is a lot more than a personal success. The plot is based … Continue reading

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The Guardians – a review

Ten years ago The Guardians (Les Guardiennes) would be categorised as a chick flick by critics and reviewers alike, except in Madame France, genesis of cinematic art. Stories  there catering for female issues have been a natural and popular subject matter since movies found … Continue reading

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The Meg – a review

The Meg is a hoot of an action snapper. It’s hilarious for all the wrong reasons, mirthful for the right reasons. Why it’s showing in your local multiplex is easy to understand. The short sleeve shirts that walk around office … Continue reading

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The Incredibles 2 – a review

Holiday fare at your local multiplex, and a few art house cinemas too hoping to cash in on this summer’s biggest grossing family film by pushing out superior work. Hard to believe the first The Incredibles was released in 2004, … Continue reading

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Sicario 2 – a review

I chose the publicity still above because the image gives a good impression of the look to the follow-up of the superb Sicario of 2015. The cold evening light on a day’s desert heat silhouettes the dusty figure of a hired … Continue reading

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