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Hotel Salvation – a review

Autumn is in the air and at last we’re free of summer’s turgid block-busted turkeys, now approaching all the good stuff held back by the studios for New Year’s awards. The first into your local art house is a delight, a … Continue reading

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War for Planet of the Apes – a review

This latest simian epic could be entitled ‘Apes of Wrath’ so angry are the aboreal primates at the way we treat them. What you see in this entertaining – if man killing ape and ape killing man can be described … Continue reading

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Valerian – a review

I still think of Luc Besson’s Léon, (1994) with affection despite the plot being one hell hole of an immoral tale. A solitary professional hit man, (the great Jean Reno, chin stubble de rigueur) reluctantly befriends a little girl, (12 … Continue reading

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Lost in LaLa Land 2

Arriving I blinked hard at the blinding light, felt the slap of heat hit my face, and noticed everyone in a hurry to go nowhere. It was my first time in Los Angeles. I had barely got out of Customs when a tall African-American … Continue reading

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Dunkirk – a review

This is a film promoting the myth of English Exceptionalism, and by default, the efficacy of splendid isolationism. The people languishing on beaches are not refugees fleeing from wars we started – there’s no armada of rescue ships for them – the people … Continue reading

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The Mummy – a review

Readers will spot this is a very late film review. To be candid, I saw the film was a turkey by just seeing the trailer, which is a lot better than the film. I duly delegated my notes to the … Continue reading

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Wonder Woman – a review

I can sum up the film in one sentence: A good looking chic who can deflect bullets with a shield and swing a sword, needs mansplaining to help her get around. I almost feel guilty being a man reviewing this film, but … Continue reading

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