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The Post – a review

This film arrives in our cinemas at a pivotal moment in Scotland’s history. The press was established by its founders to serve the governed not the governors. Now they reverse that principle. In reprisal Scotland’s press is held to account like no … Continue reading

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Car News: Bloody Cyclists

A weekly guide to all that’s rotten about car ownership, plus some good bits The end of the combustion engine? I think we are in a second golden age of the automobile. But this time around we might not be … Continue reading

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Hostiles – a review

We are in Mexico, it is 1892, and this is a tortured western, or more accurately, a western about tortured souls, not just one, as in John Ford’s The Searchers (1956), but almost every character, and maybe a wonky horse or … Continue reading

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The Scottish Press

Playground politics Scotland’s opposition parties are chronically unable to raise their intellectual capacity above click-bait politics. In that they are well supported by Scotland’s pitiful right-wing press. As far as both are concerned, Scotland must remain ‘owned’ and therefore kept … Continue reading

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Three Billboards – a review

  Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, (a cumbersome title) is winning awards and nominations everywhere, so probably wise to review it now than later. Once the word gets around of how good the film is it’ll be difficult to get a seat. This … Continue reading

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Coco – a review

A new animation from Pixar is always an occasion to consider a night at the cinema rather than a repeat drama or a soap on the goggle box. Only two things make you hesitate – if aimed at kids will … Continue reading

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Mortification Alley

The quotations in this ghoul-filled journal are collected at random. In each bodily excretion readers will perceive the budding dictator, the sociopath, the liar, and the plain pig ignorant. The authors come from all walks of society, the wealthy who pride … Continue reading

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