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A Happy New Year

Grouse Beater, aka, me, Gareth, wishes independenistas stamina to wait another year for the inevitable, and a good and prosperous 2023 to everyone who votes for our long overdue liberty. After all, why live in Scotland if looks, speaks and … Continue reading

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Goodbye 22

2022 is the year ‘if women ruled the world it would be a better place‘ turned out a gloop of hooey. Germany’s Angela Merkel, having retired from a distinguished career as Chancellor looking after Germany’s interests, and somehow absorbing tens … Continue reading

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Sturgeon in Trouble

ALBA MP Kenny MacAskill looks at the consequences of the Gender Reform Bill, how Nicola Sturgeon has once more handed the right to implementation of a Scottish parliamentary act to our oppressors. Nothing she has done seems to come to … Continue reading

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EU Welcomes Scotland

Yanis Varoufakis, economist and nemesis of colonial economic orthodoxy The eminent economist and author Yanis Varoufakis was among the first of world economists to advise Scotland to grab its independence with both hands, it had nothing to fear or lose. … Continue reading

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ALBA’s Fortunes

The Right Hon. Alex Salmond MP, leader of the ALBA Party Keeping in mind this article is a cautionary tale – ‘a week in politics is a long time,’ said the former prime minister Harold Wilson – this poll indicates … Continue reading

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Thoughts On Christmas

The Chrismas tree on Edinburgh’s Mound, a traditional gift from Norway The journalist Polly Toynbee is one of the few English-resident journalists that understands and acknowledges openly why Scotland should restore self-governance. She argues so in television debates, though occasionally … Continue reading

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Scot Who Invented Wind Power

James Blyth’s windmill. The Scottish engineer saw the future. JAMES BLYTH The Scot who invented wind power It was 135 years ago that a Scottish engineer, James Blyth, invented the first wind-powered electrical generator. In July 1887 he built a … Continue reading

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Broon’s Vow 2 – The Revenge

Brown, casualty of his character faults, architect of the phony Vow 1 and 2 “He is simply trying to fool the same middle ten percent who believed the pish in the last week of the referendum campaign from a multimedia … Continue reading

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James Cameron and Avatar

As politics take the festive season off, (almost) so will this site until early January. Most hard working folk will be counting the pounds left in their pocket to get through to the Spring. Film reviews, once welcomed by readers, … Continue reading

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What SNP Does Next

England’s seat of power, the House of Commons, a place where freedoms are euthanised The battle of wills between the brutal colonial administration of Westminster and the people of Scotland, a situation in flux since 1705, continues unabated. There is … Continue reading

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