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The Tartan Elephant

A colloquial cliché There’s an idiom become fashionable in daily conversation. Considering the mammal is destined to be wiped out it by ivory poachers, there were literally and figuratively herds of them everywhere. The phrase is … ‘the elephant in the … Continue reading

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Hacksaw Ridge – a review

When Mel Gibson directs a film he somehow contrives to make it a game of two halves, to quote the accident prone sports commentator, David Coleman. Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge is exactly that. The first half is an old fashioned, … Continue reading

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Trump v Mexican Cars

Among a contradiction of foes Donald Trump has attacked, the mightiest isn’t China, or even his own all-powerful Republican party, but the American automotive industry. It has power, leverage, and bribes that reach into every corner of American life, and … Continue reading

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The Degredation of Englishness

How many English have forgotten what it is to be English? Calling themselves British for decades doesn’t help. Those who strive for a romantic Englishness by ditching anything European, and demanding bowler hats back in fashion, are unable to find an … Continue reading

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Scotland’s Emigrants

The tale is in the leaving Why do so many Scots leave their homeland? It cannot be because some winters are harsh. Where do countries put all the Scots? There are hundreds of thousands down the centuries, emigrants by force and by … Continue reading

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La La Land – a review

Critics are gushing over this pedestrian, post-modern musical, almost as if they’d not seen a musical in their lives. The Guardian critic describes it as “gorgeous”. All I can say is, his idea of gorgeous is different from any dictionary meaning of … Continue reading

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Silence – a review

Priest and believer. The Japanese believer has a weird idea of Christianity To begin with a winner: there’s a wonderful debut role in Silence of the Japanese Inquisitor played by Issey Ogata that arrives on our screens with the same powerful impact … Continue reading

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