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Car News: Death of Laddism

A weekly look at all that sucks in the car world, and some good bits Headlines tried to outdo each other in banality. Television transmitted endless loops of Clarkson in various poses, getting inside his car, driving his car, getting … Continue reading

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England, Pure and Simple

England likes Ceylon only because it grows best quality tea leaves, however… The English Disease England hates all foreigners; the ‘Jocks’ are chippy, ‘uppity,’ ungrateful troublemakers; the Welsh are weak-kneed hymn gurglers; Northern Ireland can govern itself because it’s a … Continue reading

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Salmond – 100 Days

As if to keep the groundswell for full democracy propelled like a torpedo at the underbelly of right-wing cynicism and neo-liberal ideology, Alex Salmond published his diary entries written on the run up to the great Referendum, ‘A Hundred Days that … Continue reading

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How the BBC Erases Complaints

On a BBC news programme a BBC journalist made this assertion: “The Bank of England governor, Mark Carney, arrived in Scotland to tell the population categorically there will be no currency union.” Carney said nothing of the sort. The BBC remark … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Parliaments

The Palace of Westminster is tumbling down. Alert Scots will have noticed the pillars of the British establishment slyly slip a whopping big reconstruction bill into a week’s busy news for at least £5 billion pounds (at the last estimate) … Continue reading

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A Paean to Scotland

East, west, hame’s best The residing insult is how much my country’s elected senators are regarded as common caretakers, guardians of Scotland on behalf of Westminster politicians, sadly a view held by some of our own in Holyrood. What hope is there for our children’s happiness, … Continue reading

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England Out of the Closet

In a difficult day manhandling broken fences blown down by gale force winds – there’s a profound metaphor in today’s chore that will become obvious shortly – I had occasion to answer a poster on a social network site. He was, … Continue reading

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