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Elgin Marbles Belong to Greece

A section of the looted Elgin Marbles Ripping priceless marble figures from the pediments of Greece’s Parthenon cannot be classed as a safe, legal form of conservation, no matter how much money changed hands with the local corrupt authorities, an … Continue reading

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A 5-Star Trilogy

Review via Amazon Books – Nineteen 5-star reviews “Essays: Grouse Beater by Gareth Wardell is a hugely entertaining collection of musings on language, politics, multimedia, popular culture, philosophy, and Scottish life in general. Mr Wardell’s polemic runs from gentle admonishment … Continue reading

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Benedetti’s Festival Plans

The press are making a hullabaloo out of Benedetti being the ‘first female’ director of the Edinburgh Festival, which to my mind is demeaning. More critical is the fact that she is the first Scot, the governors of the world’s … Continue reading

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Sad Sadowitz

The American-Scottish comedian Jerry Sadowitz has made a wobbly career out of courting a strong recation to his shows, a take it or leave it attitude to audiences. There is always a comedian who makes it their task to ‘push … Continue reading

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Lord Elgin the Thief

This interesting news, exposing Lord Elgin as just another avericious thieving Victorian has appeared in several newspapers. Greece should have had the Elgin Marbles restored to their rightful home decades ago. In this case possession really is not nine-tenths of … Continue reading

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A Window into the Clearances

A few weeks ago I encouraged readers to visit Will Maclean’s exhibition at the City Art Centre in Edinburgh. His work, the language he uses as an artist and sculptor to express it, is unique and in empathetic expression outstanding. … Continue reading

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Will Maclean

Some time ago, a gossip columnist who likes to present herself as a film reviewer tried to have me apologise for criticising the BBC radio presenter Janice Forsyth. (There are film promoters who talk from press releases, film reviewers and … Continue reading

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Mackintosh Art School Rebuild

The destruction by fire and the mismanagement of the art school’s protection by past directors, and its woefully inept board of governors, is a national disgrace. Scotland cannot afford to lose priceless architecture or internationally respected seats of learning. The … Continue reading

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An Arts Policy For Scotland

It took some weeks to get my head around a document extolling art for all, what should be reformed and what should be encouraged. I have always believed everybody should be give the opportunity to participate in the arts, but … Continue reading

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Lost in LaLa Land 2

Arriving I blinked hard at the blinding light, felt the slap of heat hit my face, and noticed everyone in a hurry to go nowhere. It was my first time in Los Angeles. I had barely got out of Customs when a tall African-American … Continue reading

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