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Will Maclean

Some time ago, a gossip columnist who likes to present herself as a film reviewer tried to have me apologise for criticising the BBC radio presenter Janice Forsyth. (There are film promoters who talk from press releases, film reviewers and … Continue reading

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Mackintosh Art School Rebuild

The destruction by fire and the mismanagement of the art school’s protection by past directors, and its woefully inept board of governors, is a national disgrace. Scotland cannot afford to lose priceless architecture or internationally respected seats of learning. The … Continue reading

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An Arts Policy For Scotland

It took some weeks to get my head around a document extolling art for all, what should be reformed and what should be encouraged. I have always believed everybody should be give the opportunity to participate in the arts, but … Continue reading

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Lost in LaLa Land 2

Arriving I blinked hard at the blinding light, felt the slap of heat hit my face, and noticed everyone in a hurry to go nowhere. It was my first time in Los Angeles. I had barely got out of Customs when a tall African-American … Continue reading

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Lost in LaLa Land 3

  “If you’re going to Hollywood, go for fun … and get a bloody lawyer!” That’s wise advice from Sean Connery. You can be at the top of your fame and still get stiffed. Even he got cheated out of … Continue reading

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Melody Man

An occasional series on Scots of outstanding merit, deserving of our attention and praise. There is a pleasing symmetry to this interview. Patrick Doyle is scoring the remake of the Agatha Christie classic Murder on the Orient Express. I interviewed the … Continue reading

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A Fart in the Wind

  I had the misfortune to read an offensive piece of journalism recently written by Jonathan Jones, entitled, ‘Why Scotland should follow its art and not vote for independence.’ Jones is one of those bold critics that seems to assess … Continue reading

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