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Car Makers at it Again

  Cheating perfection You’ve heard of creative writing, well, welcome to creative car testing. Mitsubishi are at it again. It’s not that long ago that the CEO demanded all letters complaining of faults should be sent up the line to … Continue reading

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Crowd Power

A march turns dissent into resistance Marches express an ideal. Marching is the difference between a keyboard warrior and an activist. Marches confirm we are not helpless against corrupt authority. I still see people suggesting marches are a waste of … Continue reading

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Corporate Corruption

From time to time I read and hear people discussing what kind of society a self-governing Scotland could become, given enough political will power and people empowerment. The dialogue usually ranges around issues of caring for certain sections of society, the … Continue reading

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The BFG – a review

Well now, what is me to make of dis squiggly-wriggly story of bad an’ goodsome giants an’ abducted orphans? There’s just a hint of the darkest missminded adults who likes little childrikens for all the wrong reasons. This is very creepy … Continue reading

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England’s Mess

  Cameron out English can’t blame the mess they’re in on anybody else but themselves.  They called themselves ‘British’ for so long they forgot what it was to be English. Now they are desperate to turn back the clock. Unfortunately the … Continue reading

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Tarzan – a review

  The choice was The legend of Tarzan or Ghostbusters, macho man or macho women. Taking note of universal downbeat comments on Twitter about Ghostbusters – Women in Boiler Suits,  I plumped for Tarzan – Man of Six Packs. What I got … Continue reading

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Pukesville, England

I can’t be troubled to read opinion columns explaining why Tony Blair is a war criminal, guilty by omission, should be found guilty by the Hague Court, or sent to the naughty corner in the nursery. I know my own mind. … Continue reading

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Car Culture: Mazda’s MX5

A weekly look at all that sucks and blows in the auto world and some good bits An honest car James May – the brainy one of old Top Gear’s trio who pronounces was as wus – entertained us in a four-part television series … Continue reading

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