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What Have We Done?

This is another in our Climate Change series of key articles, and for once needs no lengthy introduction other than to say four-fifths of all calories consumed across the world come from just 10 crop plants including wheat, maize and … Continue reading

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‘ESSAYS 2’ On Sale Now

In answer to readers enquiries: The new collection of published essays – many new, previously published now much extended – is out now, 370 pages of thoughts on Scotland, Scots, English colonials, and the like. Same price as before despite … Continue reading

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As Deep as a Puddle

Now that it appears likely the new Thatcher, Liz Truss will be the next Prime Minister of England – it is impossible to call the incumbent of Number 10 ‘PM of the UK’ when they do not represent Scotland – … Continue reading

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A Welshman v Fascism

For five years the top-hatted maverick Welshman Steve Bray has kept TV viewer’s amused at his antics and impressed by his dedication protesting outside England’s the Houses of Parliament. His ability to manoeuvre himself and his fellow campaigners behind a … Continue reading

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Zip It!

SHUT UP OR GET OUT By Neale Hanvey When I entered front line politics in 2012 as an SNP councillor, I was clear that my guiding ambition was to play a full part in the restoration of independence to Scotland. … Continue reading

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Oppressors Grab More Powers

This site has a policy of reporting on all things Scots and Scottish. It includes publishing parallel accounts from non-Scots that illuminate the political problems Scotland endures or tries to throw off. Scotland is assailed by Westminster and Whitehall these … Continue reading

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The Murder of Willie McRae

The British State, the British establishment, English internal colonialism, whatever one wants to call the natural instincts of our aggressive neighbour, has always been a brutal master. English modus operandi never differs. The way it works remains the same down … Continue reading

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Boris’ Deep State

Boris Johnson’s Trumpian remarks on the “deep state” will almost certainly have a destructive effect on British democracy. I dearly wish this is the last one need read of the Etonian charlatan, but somehow I doubt it. He will seek … Continue reading

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Hot, Hot, Hot!

Another in our series on climate change from accredited specialists and scientists. Though most of Scotland will escape intense temperatures -our topography has a better chance of withstanding extremes – we have to prepare for forest fires, and those started … Continue reading

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Speaking Louder than a Speaker

For those who missed the stramash, the two ALBA MPs, Kenny MacAskill and Neale Hanvey, complained to the Speaker that Boorish Johnson, discredited and rejected prime minister, that he had no lawful right denying the people of Scotland a referendum … Continue reading

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