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Spotlight – a review

Some readers might remember a wonderful little film years ago called The Station Agent, (2003) a film that ought to have won an Oscar for the maker’s débute, but it never got a wide release in cinemas, and mass popularity is … Continue reading

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The Power and the ‘Cringe’

  We are not worthy With an endless torrent of ridicule from unionists and neo-colonials piped hot or cold by the media every day is it any wonder Scots are prone to a poor self image? Collectively, the ever-spiralling upwards … Continue reading

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Jumping the Snark

Or, how to recognise trolls, snark, and bat crazy sociopaths on the Internet. The motivation for this subject, trolls, snark and internet abuse, issues from an unsolicited insult on Twitter from an an addled academic calling herself ‘History Woman’, aka, … Continue reading

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A. S. Neil

An occasional series on great Scots unjustly ignored or forgotten. The dark days I think it prescient to discuss teacher and dominie [headmaster] A.S. Neill at a time politicians are jumping all over the Scottish Education system for no valid reason … Continue reading

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Car News: The Fire Hydrant

  My first automobile related essay. You have seen them in countless films, and probably parked close to one if visiting a city in the States. They sit on the sidewalk, humble though its duty is great, a silent sentinel. … Continue reading

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The Revenant – a review

  I got an  unsettling feeling when I saw Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s Birdman last year. Did the director really think scenes he had devised worked? Did no one advise him? The narrative was highly imaginative if over-wrought, but I didn’t believe … Continue reading

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Two Years of Age

  The essay site is two years old today. I began it as a personal exercise, never meant for public consumption. It was my intellectual discipline. Months before it began I’d gotten into a discussion with some right-wing friends and found … Continue reading

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Of Vocal Millionaires

Hypocrisy lies in being vile and cruel about an individual when he’s alive and then praising him when he’s dead. It is interesting to see those who are normally outspoken in favour of Scotland’s rights exercise self-censorship on the death of … Continue reading

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The Hateful Eight – a review

  When Tarantino – you’ve truly arrived when people need use only one of your names –  released his second film, Pulp Fiction, critics dubbed him a post-modern director. I’ve never known when post-modern began or where it ends, but … Continue reading

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Torrance the Terrible

Freelance, ‘self-styled’ (his phrase) biographer, David Torrance, is one of those media people who rise without trace. One day a lowly reporter for Scottish Television, the next pontificating everywhere about Scotland’s natural home being United Kingdom, and writing unofficial biographies. He … Continue reading

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