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The Master Builder

An occasional series on gifted Scots unknown or ignored in their homeland  It is highly misleading to suggest Ian Ritchie is unknown in Scotland. He and his London-based firm of architects are respected among his Scottish peers and our town … Continue reading

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Meeting Nicola

Readers hoping for gossip will be disappointed. I’m about to describe the events that took place before and after meeting our admired First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, (for the second time) but for those not yet had that pleasure I’ll convey … Continue reading

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Westminster Armageddon

As American satirists might put it, witnessing the utter chaos that is Westminster politics, this is a clusterfuck of epic proportions. If you stand well back, see the disarray that is the Northern Ireland assembly, stare in jaw dropping amazement at … Continue reading

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Wonder Woman – a review

I can sum up the film in one sentence: A good looking chic who can deflect bullets with a shield and swing a sword, needs mansplaining to help her get around. I almost feel guilty being a man reviewing this film, but … Continue reading

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The Madness of May

Unstable of plain neurotic? Theresa May embodies all the hallmarks of instability, which is odd because she speaks about stability all the time. Her party wants to make society stable by deconstructing it. Moreover, there is the strange sight of … Continue reading

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Churchill – a review

Film fans will know this is the third British war time drama this year. The previous English set drama being the disappointing Their Finest. No wonder so many Scots are paranoid. (Scotland got a truly mirthless remake of Whisky Galore.) Every time … Continue reading

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