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The Disaster of Brexit

Eurostar deliberately leaves a third of its seats empty because of border delays This is the anniversary of Brexit – that ugly word from an ugly government, spoken by ugly people. For Scotland, dragging us out of the European Union … Continue reading

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Nicola ‘Will Achieve Indy’

SNP MP Stephen Flynn, another John the Baptist – Nicola is Scotland’s Messiah A too short, sparse and unchallenging PR puff of an interview with SNP’s House of Commons leader, Stephen Flynn appeared in the Huffington Post this week. It … Continue reading

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SNP’s EU Influencers

The European Parliament Folk determined to undermine the SNP as the main foundation for independence (separate from the SNP’s rancid hierarchy) must hope Nicola Sturgeon is about to do the same as the prime minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern, … Continue reading

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Science or Fudge

Swimmers pose together for Lia Thomas’ win, fuelling controversy of eligibility to compete The sports world is facing the entrance of more and more transgender athletes, men signing up to compete in all-women challenges. World Athletes President Sebastian Coe promised … Continue reading

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Scots Law Officers and Child Abuse

The Scottish legal establishment has not exactly covered itself in glory defending Scotland’s Law from English incursion, nor helped civil rights, nor for that matter, promoted independence when its preferred to have key figures in the struggle find themselves in … Continue reading

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Brexit, Lies and Damned Lies

One key pledge, a thumping lie, was emblazoned along the side of Johnson’s chariot. As the Disunited Kingdom struggles to survive after junking the international partnership and single market of the European Union, losing freedom of travel, Brexit is seen … Continue reading

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SNP: Pork Barrel Bribes

Alister Union Jack reminds the SNP division in the Commons they are toothless The SNP now resembles its seriously flawed ferries, dominating the shipyard for too long but badly designed for their role, costing the taxpaper millions and nowhere ready … Continue reading

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Tories Block GRR Bill

Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland, bereft of statecraft Little Rishi Sunak’s government has blocked legislation passed by the Scottish parliament that will make Scotland the first part of the UK to introduce a self-identification system for people who want to change … Continue reading

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Green Free Ports

Bird’s eye view of Forth Ports The SNP has stirred up another hornet’s nest by the announcement of establishing two ‘green’ free ports in Scotland, after the party’s officials walking out of earlier negotiations with the Westminster government, desputing conditions … Continue reading

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Walking With Orkney’s Norsemen

Brough of Birsay, island base of Norse chief Thorfinn the Mighty. Photo: Angus McComiskey The Orkney I encountered on my first visit has long altered its character. I was there to shoot a documentary on the last of the Italian prisoners … Continue reading

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