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Truss’ Unearthly Plans

This week’s Monbiot column has him place the new prime minister in his sights. He has good cause to be fearful of Librium Liz’s attitude to the environment, her made obvious regressive measures, her toy box ideology encourages the extraction … Continue reading

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Fighting Fit in Stromness

This interesting article was penned by the redoubtable confederate Fiona MacInnes for the Orkney News about the visit of a flaky Tory member of Librium Liz Truss’ cabinet. Nadhim Zahawi,  minister for intergovernmental relations. Zahawi is known for being a … Continue reading

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Ferry Crisis – A Proposal

While the Tory’s Scottish branch and their sibling Labour friends attack the SNP for the ferry build delays and rising costs – forgetting the yard was given the work to save jobs – others have been submitting better solutions for … Continue reading

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Earth Under Threat

THE EARTH IS UNDER THREAT BUT YOU’D NOT KNOW IT by George Monbiot What is salient is not important. What is important is not salient. Most of the time, most of the media obsess over issues of mind-numbing triviality. Much … Continue reading

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A Window into the Clearances

A few weeks ago I encouraged readers to visit Will Maclean’s exhibition at the City Art Centre in Edinburgh. His work, the language he uses as an artist and sculptor to express it, is unique and in empathetic expression outstanding. … Continue reading

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Some Sunday Reading

THE JETTY AT TROUVILLE By Peter Young Today, in the little harbour in Hornbaek, there’s a high-pitched moaning of the wind through the rigging, It’s a kind of soundtrack to a painting I once saw as a very young child at … Continue reading

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Devine Intervention

Whenever Sir Tom Devine publishes a new book on an aspect of Scotland’s history, I buy it. (His book of Scots and the Slave trade is the exception – far too expensive. At any rate, I’d rather learn more about … Continue reading

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Sliding Into Fascism

This is not the Scotland we aim to create. This is the old repulsive Queen and Country Scotland, an irrational admiration for an alien culture, a class system not ours, an inbred subservience and a fear of losing what is … Continue reading

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Not If But When

Two things struck me about the death of Queen Lizzie while she was resident in Scotland, three if one includes a well planned and plotted end game to jab the conscience of the natives and kindle a love of a … Continue reading

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Tory Corruption

From a political party that won Brexit by fraudulant means, aided by the discredited Cambridge Analytica – considered as ‘cowboys’ and avoided by the SNP – to Tory buddies in big business keeping Boris happy with holidays and wedding celebration … Continue reading

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