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I Am A Man

I Am A Man I am a man. I am a man who is fighting for his rights. I fight for the rights of every man in my homeland. And every woman and every child, and those who want none, … Continue reading

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Salmond: Inquiry Submission

This is a copy of the written submission made by the former First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond. It contains redactions as published by the Scottish Parliament on 22nd February 2021. There is a clear and overriding public interest in … Continue reading

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Dr William Gordon Stables

An ocasional series on eminent Scots forgotten or largely ignored This is the tale of a travelling man who invented the caravan to make his life on the road more comfortable, a Scot, a man who without knowing it, was … Continue reading

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Salmond: Hamilton Inquiry

James Hamilton QC is engaged in a separate inquiry into the Civil Service Scandal. He has no limitations placed on him, and indeed, would not have taken on the role had their been constraints on getting to the truth. He … Continue reading

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An Innocent Man

This is the submission of Alex Salmond to the Holyrood Inquiry. He lays out the process that led to an innocent man facing the rest of his days in jail, a heinous charge made by people intent on a constructive … Continue reading

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A Shakespearean Tragedy

Only two days ago I published an essay beginning with these words: “The SNP is wrestling with a fundamental crisis of its own making, a profound loss of trust by the public in its honesty and methods…..“. I referred to … Continue reading

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