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Fingers Crossed!

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Stonewall’s Shadow

At a time of economic turmoil from a panedemic and climate change, increasing poverty, wealth sucked up by the few, attempts to restart the Cold War, demonising China to hold it back from being an equal player on the global … Continue reading

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A Threat To Justice

Bringing trials without juries in Scotland’s High Court rape cases is a move to the fascist right. To even entertain the change is deeply troubling. How did this come about? Almost as soon as a jury exonerated the Right Honorable … Continue reading

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Good Riddance 2021

What a hopes raised, hopes dashed year for Scotland. For those desperate to see Scotland return to an autonomous state, keep all it earns, protect its borders, and return to sanity, a poll stating 55% of the electorate want an … Continue reading

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Order a Copy

Order now and Amazon books guarantees to deliver the hardback publication of new and extended past essays from the Grouse Beater site pre-25 December. 250 pages, a bargain at £20, and for Kindle, £9.99. Look smart. Be seen reading the … Continue reading

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Cancel Culture

Writing as someone who has been at the receiving end of the cancel culture mob, I know it is not a pleasant experience, but being self-employed, I coped reasonably well with the false accusations. I had no salaried job to … Continue reading

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Questioning Pupils

QUESTIONING PUPILS With its customary gauche habit, the Scottish Government has sent a multiple choice questionnaire to secondary schools asking intimate sex questions of pupils. Understandably, this has caused controversy among all sections of society, a bureacracy meddling in young … Continue reading

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A Creepy Scottish Government

The SNP’s love of creating as many squirrels to chase as possible rather than educate the populace to the benefists of self-governance, ready to enact independence at 55% support, sees a once victorious party turn on its own supporters and … Continue reading

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Stonewall Exposed

This article is written by the writer Simon Edge A couple of weeks ago Nancy Kelley, the media-shy CEO of the embattled trans lobby group Stonewall, gave a rare interview to Emma Barnett of BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour. In … Continue reading

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The Happiest Nation

Finland is constantly cited as the happiest nation on the planet, and certainly my visit to that lake-strewn forest of a country – one of my daughters had a Finnish boyfriend for years – can attest to a certain air … Continue reading

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