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Dinner With The Union

MENU Starter Self-Aggrandisement in Union Sauce Followed by Gobbledygook Soup with Crudities Main Course Ridicule of Scotland basted in Oil garnished with Thistle in Bloom Sweet Scottish Oats lathered in English Honey Topped with British Raspberries from Perthshire And  Tunnocks on a Tartan … Continue reading

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Faux Phrases

Here I’ve gathered together the past year’s most over-used words and phrases corrupted in the lexicon of political discourse. The phrases mean the opposite to what is expected, a depressing trend in these days of irony wasted on the dullards who … Continue reading

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The Last Jedi – a review

To begin with a warning: when reading this review keep in mind Disney bought the Star Wars franchise from Lucasfilm in 2012 and are responsible for its reboot. It is conceived as all Disney productions are conceived, to a corporate aesthetic. … Continue reading

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Best Films of 2017

 Or at least, the best ones I managed to see The movies outlined range from very good to outstanding, though most were genre led and unoriginal in style and script. Too many are praised by London critics and reviewers as classics … Continue reading

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Popular Essays – 2017

Edinburgh’s George Street festive illuminations are attractive from a distance, a bit of a disappointment close up, like the promises made by Scotland’s opponents. A year of marking time To my mind the funniest political episode this year was the stramash over Alex … Continue reading

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Scotland Leased to the Scots

Imposing an unequal Treaty on a neighbour nation in which that nation will always be overpowered by the parliamentary votes and self-serving agenda of the dominant nation is normally described as governing a colony. In Scotland’s case, Scotland is leased to the … Continue reading

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The Disaster Artist – a review

How the director, Tommy Wiseau, a nobody from nowhere without a single film to his credit, managed to get hold of enough money to make the original bad film on which The Disaster Artist is based is anybody’s guess. He … Continue reading

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Last Exit from Brexit

Solutions for Scotland to escape England’s fiasco Living next door to England’s chaotic circus keeps us all on edge. We jeer and laugh but find them scary. Though the clowns promise they won’t drag us into their act, or throw … Continue reading

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Car News: Car Museums

A weekly guide to all that sucks about car ownership, plus some good bits The image above is the amazing Peterson Auto Museum in Los Angeles, amazing inside and out, as it should be residing in the motoring capital of … Continue reading

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