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Car News: New Cars

A weekly look at all that’s rotten about car ownership plus some good bits The Los Angeles Motor Show is in full swing. Two things stick out: few saloons are being bought just as in the UK – SUVs everybody’s … Continue reading

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A Heinous Crime

Anti-Semitic? Who is the accuser? This part of the article calls upon Fiona Robertson to resign, the SNP’s Women’s Rights and Equalities convener, and Angus MacLeod, the national secretary, the latter the man who traduced my human rights. I am … Continue reading

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Taming Power

When the new culture, the new society has been established in Scotland we shall look back at all the puerile spats, frantic, inane trolls, unionist fabrications and manufactured disputes and insults with a comforting warmth knowing we surmounted them all. … Continue reading

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Car News: The Japanese Chop

A weekly look at all that’s rotten about car ownership, and some good bits Read any Michael Heseltine owned Haymarket publication devoted to the automobile, either street cars of racing cars, and alert readers will realise how lazy are its … Continue reading

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Car Culture: Colour Choice

A weekly guide to all that’s rotten about car ownership, plus some good bits Choosing the correct colour for your spanking new chariot, inside and out, can be the difference between your ability to sell it in good quick time … Continue reading

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Outlaw King – a review

This exciting film is like a Bruegel canvas, so many interesting things happening at once for the eye to take in you hardly know what to concentrate upon. One unexpected but gratifying outcome of seeing this film and one easily predicable … Continue reading

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A Declaration of Independence

PREAMBLE Is there a more auspicious time than now to affix a declaration of Scottish independence upon the village marker post? The line of nations governed by Britain, small, medium and dominions, freed of British authority stretches around the globe; none … Continue reading

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