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Gumshoe Cliches

On the run up to the Golden Globule Awards and Oscars, and all the razzamatazz – in reality variety shows with prizes – it may be pleasant to take a diversion from the usual predictions of who will win Best Gay Still in … Continue reading

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Bone Tomahawk – a review

  A weird movie This film is a real oddity. I guess Hollywood has grown bored with the standard cowboy plot and let its imagination run wild. What is it about American, and for that matter Japanese, cultures, that they … Continue reading

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Death of a Don

“The only difference between the ideas endorsed by Trump and Scalia is that Scalia has a robe and a lifetime appointment.” The man so described is the late Judge Antonin Scalia. Readers might wonder why there’s an essay about the … Continue reading

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Is Our Society Democratic?

It’s an incontrovertible fact a nation governed by another nation cannot by definition enjoy full and open democracy if it doesn’t command the mechanisms and structures required for self-determination, but instead is instructed to serve the interests of the dominant nation. Preamble Whilst … Continue reading

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Goodbye Landie

  Time for another car column. The dependable Land Rover Defender When playwright Tom Stoppard was an unemployed student he got a job writing car reviews. “Knowing nothing about cars, I sat inside them and just described what I saw.” When I … Continue reading

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Trumbo – a review

  I am Trumbo. No, I am Trumbo. No, I’m Trumbo! Yes, the persecuted Dalton Trumbo wrote Spartacus, but he never got the credit or the Oscar until many years after the event. Trumbo was a blacklisted writer. And somewhere … Continue reading

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Defining Yes and No

  Psychologists tell us the mental process called rationalisation is a term which actually does not mean ‘being rational’. We seek to justify our irrational beliefs or attitudes with high-minded motives. This leads to the No voter principle that somehow self-governance will … Continue reading

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