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An Edinburgh Woman

An occasional series on eminent Scots ignored or forgotten. I remember my disappointment turning to anger some years back when I read a published list of Scottish-born actors working in Hollywood compiled by the Scottish Film Fund, now part of profit-led … Continue reading

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A Soldier’s Tale

This is a tale of two soldiers. Here is the first. In some ways this story is an assortment of parables, the ‘Good Samaritan’,  ‘Jesus and the Prostitute’, or the ‘Friend at Night’, among them. Or it could be described … Continue reading

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Jay Leno – Car Nut

  The saying goes, if you want to be an entertainer but can’t sing, dance, or play a musical instrument, you can always be a chat show host. James Douglas Muir ‘Jay’ Leno is one of America’s most successful chat … Continue reading

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A Few Words On Welfare

  Those who care to protect social rights are aware there is a full scale neo-liberal assault on the welfare state. Chunks of it are being privatised by stealth and small print overlooked. Scotland has side-stepped the worst cuts. but not for … Continue reading

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Bad Week for Unionists

  Unionist Budget George Osborne, a man of no discernible common sense, delivered another of his stuff you all budgets, telling the nations of the United Kingdom that disabled people are to lose some benefits. Emotionally disabled Tories shocked the population … Continue reading

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‘Anomalisa’ – a review

Puppetry without the strings The films of Charlie Kaufman have you leaving a darkened auditorium into the night air unsure of exactly what is was you watched for almost two hours, yet knowing  you were not patronised or hoodwinked and … Continue reading

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How to be Scottish and British

I usually compose my own polemic attacking the English press resident in Scotland, quoting the odd line or paragraph, a press with a self-appointed brief to inform against Scotland at will. They strive hard and furiously to undermine the electorate’s … Continue reading

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