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Son of Saul – a review

I can think of many hells in recent history the human race has dumped upon itself in its tribal folly to rule the world. We could begin with Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Genocide as a state pastime Carpet bombing Vietnam and then saturating … Continue reading

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The Bitch Is In Heat Again

The runt of colonialism that lied and cheated us out of the plebiscite is in heat again. The first ‘UK parliament committee’, as it likes to call itself, met to discuss ways of blocking Scotland from regaining sovereignty. Listening to … Continue reading

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The SNP’s Achievements

What is the Scottish Government doing for me?   (Updated 20 February 2020) No government gets uncritical support especially one elected to govern a nation of hyper-judgmental, compulsive nit-pickers. We’re quicker to criticise than praise. The SNP has a lot of accomplishments … Continue reading

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Jungle Book – a review

  You approach the latest version of The Jungle Book with a lot of scepticism. The Disney cartoon version, the last the union hatin’, commie hatin’ Walt worked on, was a glorious concoction of eccentric characters and terrific songs, songs you … Continue reading

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Wurr a’ Doomed!

A clever architect He wins awards. Among a portfolio of excellent buildings sensitive to the Scottish tradition, he’s responsible for the Dance Studio behind Edinburgh Castle, in the Grassmarket. If he has an Achilles heel – and we all do to … Continue reading

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Economics for Dummies

A fellow ‘Twittererer’ wonders how he can get a handle on understanding modern economics. He used the expression, ‘Economics for Dummies’. My advice is simple: Forget understanding economic theories. Know what is right and just for the common good. After that most … Continue reading

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On Holiday

  An intermission I’ve a word or two to say about JK Rowling, but first… I’m taking a short break. Grouse Beater will return at the end of the month unless a miracle happens and the British government capitulates to … Continue reading

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